“As parents, it is not our job to save.

That is the Savior’s job.

It’s not our job to fight for their behaviors.

It is our job to fight for their hearts.”

I don’t know where that is from…some podcast somewhere that I paused and scribbled down on a little scratch piece of paper in my car. So I’m sorry that I can’t give credit. But it was a good reminder to me. So I figured I’d share.

Good speed on winning those hearts.

Love conquers all.

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  1. I needed to read that today. Thank you! So true – I’ll keep fighting for the heart and not the behavior.

  2. Do you (or your parents) have any words of wisdom for parents who have fought for the heart and have children struggling spiritually?

  3. Shawni! It was from the Jody Moore podcast with the Leading Saints guy — the one you recommended about can we disappoint our Heavenly Father? Anyway, I listened to it and loved it.

  4. I remember hearing or reading that as parents we don’t need to be their Saviour, they already have one, that’s not our job. Our job is to love them”.

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