After four and a half tantrums from Lucy (didn’t she know we were doing this for her??) we arrived at our first vision walk bright and early. The kids decided we needed to have our matching t-shirts from our reunion a few years ago for two reasons: 1) they are the color of Lucy’s eyes, and 2) they have a picture of an eye on them.
(They were shortly replaced by our new “vision walk” t-shirts but that was ok because they were Lucy’s favorite color.) It was a gorgeous day. (Thanks for the picture, Elle.)
Our dear friends (the “M” family) joined us which was fitting since they are Lucy’s favorite people in the whole wide world.
The kids enjoyed the bounce houses while we tried to get to know a few people there over the super loud band. Then we walked three miles in laps around the park. SLOW laps.

But it was such a great way to feel involved. Over 500 people showed up and I think the $80,000 goal was reached. We (the “I Love Lucy” team) reached our own goal too (thanks in large part from royalties from our book).Little did I ever know a couple years ago we’d be racing for a cure to blindness for one of our own precious kids. I had no idea in my blissful ignorance that organizations like the Foundation for Fighting Blindness exist. And now we are hanging on to them with as much might as we can muster up hoping for a bright future for Lu.

So, thank you FFB. And thanks “M” family. And thanks Mother Dear for coming all the way down for this. We are so grateful!

p.s. My sweet cyber-friend-who-is-very-inspiring-and-who-I-must-meet-in-person-some-day is doing A Mother’s Book of Secrets book give-away today over here (thank you Sarah!!). If you are new to this blog and want more info. about the book click here.

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  1. How awesome!!
    Where can we buy the book that will give back the most proceeds to the I Love Lucy Foundation? Thinking I will buy one for ALL my Mommy Friends!

  2. Your family is so strong and so amazing. You and your daughter are both great photographers and I am inspired by you in so many ways.

  3. HI Shawni, I found you though Sarah at Clover Lane and am so touched by your beautiful family. I did a similar event with my family this weekend. Ours was a walk to help find a cure for MS, but similar nontheless. My children are small – 4,3 & under 1 but they enjoyed it so much. I also was touched by the kindness and compassion of everyone at the event and can not way to submerse my children around as much goodness like this as possible. We want to do as many walks as possible as a family and I sure hope one day we can walk for Little Lucy.

    God Bless

  4. It's funny how life works, I followed a few links from the I Love Lucy project and found out my town is hosting a Vision Walk this weekend. I'll be there with all three of my children and if all goes as planned, we'll be wearing I Love Lucy shirts (or at least signs). I'll let you know how it goes, wishing you all the best

  5. Yay for you guys! We are going to start our fundraising in another week or two, for our walk in May. The kids and I have many plans…hope they all work out!
    I'm glad you're walk went well!

  6. We DID it! We walked the San Antonio Vision Walk, of course I intended to take photos equally as beautiful of my family as you did of yours. But unfortunately, me + 2 toddler + a 10 month old who didn't want to ride in the stroller = no pictures 🙁

    Still, we had a fantastic time, we said prayers for Lucy and made a few new friends. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and letting us be however small, a part of it.

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