Yep, school’s in. My kids are loving life. I think it’s so funny how excited they get. Was I that excited to start school? I honestly can’t remember. Maybe it’s the combination of being back at home and getting to see all their friends again and getting the teachers they were hoping for, but boy howdy the excitement whirling around here this week has been thick.
Elle and her friends walk to school…except for that first day on Wednesday when her mom was following them in the car taking pictures, so they decided they may as well hop in.
Grace likes to get rides to school. She’s pretty good at hitching rides if her mom isn’t available.
Max and his gang of neighborhood boys ride their bikes.
If you ask me it’s way too hot for that.
But they don’t seem to mind.
And Claire got to start school on Thursday (after she got her antibiotics in her system). She was in Heaven. I know this picture is blurry, but I love it anyway. We went to a big waterpark with the cousins to bring in the new school year. Love you cousins!Lucy had a great opportunity to show off her toned summer physique…
I loved following her around. She finally kinda started liking water.
But then who could blame her…who wouldn’t be attracted to getting wet in streams of water coming from a dragon’s nose??So, here’s to the new school year. I think it’s gonna be a good one (despite the fact that it started way too early!)

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