There’s this group of moms I love. We discovered each other when we realized all our girls were the same age (in first grade) and we all lived right next to each other. From there we became best of friends.

The thing is, all those girls are going into fifth grade next year. But we’re still forever and always the “First Grade Moms” because that’s how we found each other. And for that I’m forever grateful. We go to lunch together whenever we can, usually to celebrate each other’s birthdays, and I love talking to them about life and mothering.

Because of the way these moms have raised their girls we have this group of nine and ten year olds who are so sweet and kind to each other…all the time.

So to those great moms I say, thanks for giving my daughter yours. And to you sweet girls, thanks to giving me your moms!

Love you girls!

This was a day we were missing four or five moms,
but you get the idea…

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  1. Hi Shawni! I know Wendy Greene! Our husbands are great friends and I knew her at BYU. Small world. I think I knew you lived close, but didn’t know she was “first grade mom-close.” Please tell her “hello” for me. School’s out today. Woo hoo! Big hugs . . . Tami

  2. Shawni!
    I’m missing all you cute first grade moms!! You guys were so wonderful to Caitlin and me when we lived there in first grade. What a great group of women you are! And I feel honored that we were part of the “first grade moms” right when it started– even though it was for a short time. 🙂 I loved the fun lunches out and the cute surprise shower you guys put together for me. We’ll have to come visit–Caitlin misses those cute girls so much!

  3. Darcy, I need your blog address!! I need to see what you guys are up to and I don’t know how to get in touch. Send it to me if you get this!

  4. I still remember watching my oldest Hunter graduate from 5th grade and I remember thinking as I watched all the kids walk up that I could remember when they were all little 1st graders, and now they were so big.
    All of our “first grade moms” were sobbing….
    So nice when you find a group that gets along so good. Seems like you guys have a lot of great women out there in Az!

  5. It is the BEST when your children have close friends that life close by. We have 10 homes on our street and there are 4 little girls that started Kindergarten together. These little girls will now be in second grade next year. I think we are the luckiest street. Good for you guys. It is such a blessing.

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