It has been so weird this spring not to be racing back and forth all over creation trying to hit as many of Max’s volleyball games and Elle’s tennis matches.

For four years those sports have kept us hopping in the spring, and we loved every minute of it.  This year when Grace decided to shift over to tennis from cheer, she also decided to spend more time in serious lessons and wait to do the high school tennis team until next year.  So for the first time in four years we didn’t have anyone on those tennis courts which of course made me melancholy.

Thank Heavens Claire decided to do track to keep us busy:)  And soccer too…and both she and Grace have been serious about tennis lessons so we sure haven’t been bored.  But school sports are pretty fun, and we loved watching Claire try her hand at track.

Lots of fun families are involved in this in our area so it was great to be able to cheer on everyone else too.

I am completely new to the track world, except for the young women and cousins I’ve watched pole vault intermittently here and there, so I’m not sure how they work out who does what, but Claire ended up doing the 400 as well as the 4×4 relay.

And she qualified for the conference track meet, so that was a great way to end the season.

I love watching those budding athletes do their thing.

Hurdles are especially fascinating to me.

What a feat of work those things things are!  
This is how the conference meet went:

Claire ran her heart out in her 400.  
She came in 12th in the preliminaries which wasn’t too shabby for a new 7th grader.  
I loved watching her determination:

 Let’s get a better look at that:

There we go.

One more close-up:

Yes that girl was working it.

Her cute friend came to cheer her on, isn’t that so sweet?

Claire and her 4×4 team came in third for that race so they got to keep the baton:

(She was excited because they put that pic. on the junior high instagram page.  This is big I tell you!:)

There was a spring sports “banquet” at the school, with a slideshow of all the things that went on and then broke up into individual sports to clap and be excited for them:)

It was a great first year.  Can’t wait for next!

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  1. If Claire really takes to track and field, you have one of the best schools for track right in your area, ASU! There are so many collegiate and Olympic winners from ASU. I am sure they have summer camps for track and field. Here's a link from ASU alumni:
    I graduated high school in Phoenix with Gea Johnson, an ASU track and field collegiate winner, and Olympic bobsledder. Thats great to have all that knoeledge right there!
    Jamaille Noto (Thus the nickname NOTOrious)

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