When the school year started I got serious about cooking.

And even more serious when I created my new “pride and joy” (back here).

I started taking pictures of all the food I make, our tried and true recipes, so I could put them on this blog and have them at my fingertips whenever I need them and don’t have my recipe book close-by.

So my plan is to share one new recipe each Thursday.

The first recipe I want to share is fish tacos…as in the incredibly delicious ones my sister-in-law Kristi made at our reunion this summer.     2012-08-24 misc 59808
Notes:  1) the “pieces of fish” she uses are Tilapia, but I think you could marinate halibut or sea bass as well, and 2) the “red wine” is actually “red wine vinegar.”

Serve with lime wedges and avocado…
2012-08-24 misc 59809
…and this salsa (also from Kristi and SO good and also easy, which makes me whip it out more often):

Kristi’s salsa:
 (I use Lawry’s seasoning salt.)
2012-09-10 misc 60248
My kids think this is liquid candy:
2012-09-10 misc 60250
The second time we made fish tacos we made them with this little shortcut I found at Costco instead of fussing with the marinade:
2012-09-11 misc 60264So good.

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  1. LOVE this! Trying it tonight! I got serious about cooking when school started, too. No more lazy, drive thrus! It's so nice to make an effort to get everyone to the table for dinner (we do breakfast together too which is a great start to the day.) Thanks always for the inspiration.

  2. I happen to love this post. I have been eating fish tacos before fish tacos were even a "thang". When I was in high school, some girl friends and I would go down to Mexico to go surfing and fish tacos were breakfast, luch and dinner for the two days we were there. AWESOME!

  3. Thank you SSOOOO much for sharing. Our family is living in Hong Kong for at LEAST a year (moved from CA), and we MISSSS good Mexican food. I was just thinking I need to find some fun recipes we can make from home. Looks delish!

  4. katie, I don't love fish either but tilapia is SO mild and the seasonings make it so good.

    Michelle, it's red wine vinegar. I had that same question when I first made these so I'll go back and add that to the post.

    Becki, I just use Lawry's seasoned salt for the salsa.


  5. I know this is a super old post, but I just have to say THANK YOU for sharing your recipes with us (I know you haven't done the recipe Thursday thing for a while because life is busy, which is TOTALLY understandable). I'm a single, young twenty-something whose mother (bless her heart) does not cook hardly at all, prompting me to have a strong desire to "know my way around a kitchen". Your recipe posts are like the cooking lessons I never experienced as a young girl. So THANK YOU!!

    Also, the reason I'm coming back to this post is because I'm making these for dinner tonight (for probably about the twentieth time since I started reading your blog). I just had to let you know that you are impacting people of all ages (not just mothers) in a way you might not even know!


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