Right before school came to a close, our third annual “Flips” recital rolled around (the first two are here and here).  
This year Grace took classes but opted out of being in the actual performance (there are a LOT of practices and she wanted to concentrate on cheer skills).  
So it was just Claire performing this year…
…Claire with three other cousins she adores.
True to form, as I sat there in that audience soaking in all those movements, all the choreography, all the effort and courage and sheer grit it takes to get bodies to move and coordinate this way, tears were welling up in my eyes over and over again.

Since Claire did one of the “company” classes again this year, she was in three of the numbers.

 …and she pretty much loved every second of it.

She’s in the middle in this clip:

Those pictures above were part of the combined finale with all the combined companies for this performance.  There were THREE performances…have I mentioned the lady in charge of all this amazes me?  Can you imagine coordinating three over-an-hour long performances that include 500 girls doing moves like this?  Pretty amazing.
This was the part where Claire’s class came in (in the orange):
Here was my favorite part when they gathered more and more gymnasts to do back tucks in sync with each other:

That’s my cute little niece in the front off to the right just a little.  

I can’t even watch it without tearing up.

I am so nerdy.

Lucy, after leaning on my shoulder and talking my ear off for a while was obviously plumb-tuckered out by the end:

The four cousins:

Grace was kind of happy she wasn’t performing and so glad to be there to support her cousin she loves so much (the one who’s almost just the same age).

(and of course her sister and other cousins too)

Lucy was still barely waking up from her little nap in that pic…not overly happy to leave that snuggly chair.  I don’t blame her!

Love this family of mine.

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