Happy Memorial Day to everyone celebrating here in the United States.

I hope we can all take some quiet moments to remind ourselves how indebted we are to those who have given their lives so that we might have the life we are living. Freedom comes at a cost and oh, how grateful I am for those who have served our country so valiantly, who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live as we do. May we honor them by building this society they have worked so hard to protect through kindness and respect and love.

Let’s talk about a sweet couple who are living their lives in such a way:

Our nephew married this darling girl and Dave and I got to join the throng of family members there to help celebrate.

And we got to see our new Provo girl (who I had just left the day before, ha!)

The temple was so incredibly beautiful, bejeweled with flowers that took our breath away.

It was a grand day filled up with Pothiers and a glowing bride and groom.

We got to see Max and Abby up there too:

(and yes, those are matching dresses Grace and I are wearing…not really on purpose)

Some of the family we love so much:

I forgot something at Grace’s apartment so we had to backtrack and go back to Provo after the celebration and I was SO GLAD because it gave us a chance to have a deep conversation with that girl of ours en route, and led us to a beautifully spirit-filled blessing from her beloved dad back at her apartment.

That girl is going places I tell you:)

Dave and I drove away filled up with gratitude for that girl of ours and all those good people we get to be related to.

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