Well, I sort of lost “focus” of reporting on the things I “focused” on in November and December. (If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about click here and here.)
That’s because out of necessity my focus was “stay afloat” in November when I got called as the Young Women president, and I could barely do just that. (Trying your best to stay afloat doesn’t necessarily lend itself to writing blog reports on how I was sinking under water. It more had to do with hunkering down and getting things done.)

In December my focus was “enjoy.” Because I wanted so much not to get all stressed out about Christmas minutia and just soak in the whole spirit of it all. And you know what? It helped so much. Every time I started to freak out about being so far behind I tried to remember to re-align my thoughts to the real meaning of the season and it made all the difference.

I have loved my “one word” for 2010, so it’s tough to let it go. It’s helped me focus on so many different aspects of my life that I needed to work on…and that I still need to work on.

But it’s time. I’m still debating between a couple words for 2011 but I’ll figure it out if I can just “focus” on it for a couple days…

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  1. Hi there, I love how you choose one word for the year! This totally helps me as I'm going throughout my day to make better choices, I stop and think about my word and can be more true to myself. My word or words for this year is to "be strong." I have so many things in my life and people in my life that I need to be stong for. I need strength to eat better, to read my scriptures EVERY day, to be a mother. I need to be stong for my children and stong in my testimony.

    Thank you for your awesome blog—I love it and think you are a great mom!


  2. Hi,

    I came across your blog the other day. My pastor reccommended the word "abide" for 2011 as it is used throughout John 15 (ESV). I am so thankful for that because I would have never came up with that on my own. And really, anything truly good comes from "abiding" in Jesus. Anyway, thanks for sharing what is on your heart and mind through your blog! God Bless.

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