Last week a blanket of fog nestled down over our neighborhood. ….And filled in all the nooks and crannies.

It was quite exciting because you see, we don’t get fog on a regular basis here in the desert.

Plus it’s Fall here.…which takes my breath away.
Now if we can just get some snow…


  1. Wow, great shots! You can have some of my snow if you'd like. Here in England we've had about two feet of it for the past couple of weeks… Fun to play in (I bet your kids would love it!) but the whole country's gone into lock-down mode because they're so unprepared… :/

  2. Wow how amazing to see fog in AZ! More likely to see it where Sophie lives. We hardly ever saw snow over about the five years we were there! Amazing! We've got plenty here too. Snowing again today and all day tomorrow!

  3. Were you by chance at a Christmas puppet show in Mesa last night? It was funny because I received the Values Parenting newsletter yesterday with the link to your blog and had been reading your blog yesterday, then at that puppet show I could have sworn it was you and your kids sitting in front of me, but maybe it was just someone who looks like you? 🙂

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