Because of a unique string of incidences I found myself at lunch with my four girls on Good Friday. We don’t go out to eat much, so this was a rare treat (we were sad to be missing Max who was mowing the lawn…poor guy…but it meant that he got to miss out on Easter dress shopping too so he was pleased as punch about not being there).

As we waited for our food, the girls carefully peeled open their fortune cookies (yeah, as long as we’re out at lunch we may as well have dessert before the slightly more healthy stuff). Oh boy do they ever love those little puppies. There is something so intriguing to them about a cookie telling them something special that will surely happen to them.

On that Good Friday afternoon I think there was an aura around that table of ours. Each slip of paper pulled out actually had some good potential.
(Yeah that “someone” was me…and the rest of the family too….and probably friends…and some cute boys at school…)

(Oh how I love that one for Lucy.)

(Hmmm….yes, Easter was around the corner and the Easter Bunny did, in fact, show up.)

(Yeah, Sunday was a lucky day. I mean, how can Easter not be lucky?? Well, maybe when you have church at 8:00 A.M….)

Mine made me think:
Hmmm…I like that word “versatility.” Not so sure it’s an outstanding trait of mine, but I hope I can make it one. If it’s a “fortune” it must come true, right? 🙂

Being versatile means:

Capable of doing many things competently.
2. Having varied uses or serving many functions.
3. Variable or inconstant; changeable: a versatile temperament.

Isn’t that what every mother wants to be? To be able to make dinner and nurse a baby very competently at the same time? To keep a clean and well-run house and to have the spunk to get on the floor and be crazy with the kids? Oh, or what about having a “changeable” temperament? Wow, that’s a good one…to have enough intuition to know when to be stern and when to let loose.

I’m actually really trying to be versatile right now because man alive, this thyroid/Hashimoto’s thing is giving me a run for my money. Each night I lay in bed next to Dave and complain about how horrible I feel. He is extra in love with me lately because of this little fact. It is always so nice to hear your spouse complain on a continual basis. But I swear this new medicine they have me on is making things worse. Maybe it’s just in my mind, but I sure feel awful. Which makes me snappy with my kids and annoyed at poor Dave. Having a cold sore the size of Texas protruding from my bottom lip making me feel sick as can be for the last two weeks hasn’t helped either.

So being “versatile” was a pretty darn good fortune that day. As I sat there on that patio with the sunlight filtering in and my girls surrounding me with smiles stretched across their faces chatting away like nobody’s business, I made a new goal: I’m going to try to snap out of it and seek to make that fortune of mine come true.

Because really, having versatility for an “outstanding trait” sounds pretty darn good to me.


  1. Shawni, my thyroid med. made me feel awful too. I don't know if you are taking the generic form of your med, but My doc. told me that a small percentage of women are seriously affected by the generic form. I had to switch to the name brand, it made a big difference! I still don't feel great, but ALOT better! Maybe you could check into it.

  2. Hey Shawni, So sorry to hear that you've been struggling with some health stuff! Have you thought about trying some natural remedies in addition to your regular medications? I don't have a thyroid issue, but I've seen great benefits from recently using essential oils for my hubby, kids, and myself. There are so many kinds and uses for each one and I have found them to be helpful in so many ways. I looked up thyroid/hashimoto's and found this link:
    Just FYI, I'm not associated with this "Amber" person, just thought this info could be helpful to you. Good luck–hope you can get some relief soon.:)

  3. My sister also has Hashimoto's and it has been a struggle for YEARS. She has found that her "normal" (when she feels good)is not what the lab says is normal. She had found one doctor that got her on the right track but that doctor left her practice to specialize in diabetic care. Back to the start again because the next doctor didn't agree with the treatment. She lives in Austin, TX and has traveled as far as Houston to try out doctors. As Lisa said the generic forms of meds gave her problems so I agree that that may help. My sister recently found out that she is pre-diabetic and the treatment for that is helping her and she now feels better than she has in a long time. (Not great but better!) I wish you luck and keep searching for the right doctor/treatment!!!!!

  4. Hey Shauni,good luck with the Thyroid medication. I also have Hashimoto's and it took me a solid year to get my meds all figured out. And, although I don't get cold sores very often, I remember getting a pretty big cold sore when I started taking my meds (not sure about the correlation on that one). Just remember that there is a RANGE for normal. Just because you are in the range, does NOT mean that you have found your sweet spot. Be aggressive in asking what your specific lab value is. I have found that I need to be as close to 0 as possible. I take 150mcg and have not altered my diet, although my diet naturally does not include a ton of carbs. Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. Sorry your hormones are bouncing around and your lip has to show for it. I get them and hot water works wonders. I turn the faucet on and hold my head under the water as hot as I can stand for as long as I can stand. Doing it often offers pain releif, makes it smaller, and shortens the time with it. I hope it goes away quick and you can find peace

  6. My sister-in-law told me about your blog when she read that you were diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I was also diagnosed about 15 months ago. I found a Chiropractor in Gilbert who treats a lot of Hashimoto's patients. (Dr. Peter Kan – 480.988.6269)
    His treatment follows this book by Dr. Datis Kharrazian. It makes a lot of sense!
    Hopefully this information can help you or one of your readers. Good luck!

  7. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. It is a blessing for me to remember that there are many, many worse things than sleep deprivation. 🙂 I hope you are able to find what will make you feel like yourself again very very soon. Xo

  8. I was also recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's and I got a great book called "Why do I still have thyroid symptoms when my lab tests are normal?". (crazy title!)

    Anyway, it talks extensively about Hashimoto's and I was surprised to learn there is a big connection with gluten intolerance. I immediately stopped eating gluten and have felt much better…I always found that the medication never seemed to do a darn thing, but now things are looking up.

  9. You are brave. Thyroid stuff is NO simple matter! I know my caregivers first dismissed my extreme exhaustion/anxiety/hair loss as having four young kids. Nope, it's thyroid. Be kind to yourself even as you journey toward versatility. (There's my fortune for you. 😉 )

  10. Sweet pictures of you and your girls and versatility is certainly a trait all moms need to have…hmmm…I will work on that!!! 🙂 You probably already know about the product Abreva fpr cold sores, but in case you don't I can assure you it helps! It is best if you start using it at the first tingling sensation of one coming on, but even if one gets further along abreva helps shorten the breakout!!

  11. Shawni, I'm hoping that you feel better now than when you wrote this post. Maybe a change of scenery will help you feel better. Those meds need to be adjusted. Remember that doctors are just "practicing" medicine! See you soon.

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