Claire turned THIRTEEN yesterday.

And with all the hoopla of this new puppy who is marking her territory and winning our hearts simultaneously, and some visitors from China staying with us…and of course all the celebrations, I didn’t get to writing my 13 things I love about my new 13-year-old.  
So here we go.
1)  I love Claire’s kind heart.  She is quick to see those who may have feelings hurt, or who may need extra attention, or who even need a little hug, and she acts on what she sees.
2)  She is smart.  She studies well and learns well, and her report cards show off all her effort.
3)  Her ability to care for and adore children and babies always amazes me.  She is a total nurturer at heart and it shines through whenever she sees babies and children.  They can feel her love pretty tangibly I think.  Even our new little Bo can sure feel it and is attached at the hip to her.
4)  She continues to be Lucy’s biggest cheerleader, even when Lu strikes out in one of her moods.  
5)  She is talented.  She plays the piano beautifully, works hard in school, can move her body beautifully through gymnastics and dance and athletics.
6)  Yet she is humble and quick to turn any attention to someone else.
7)  Her smile lights up any room.  It is huge!  And contagious too.
8)  She is resilient.  When something doesn’t go her way she can look on the bright side.  She tried out for cheer this fall and didn’t make it when all her friends did.  She was so sad, but was also so quick to congratulate those friends and be excited for them.
9)  She makes life fun.  She’s always up for a party and has a great sense of humor.
10)  She loves her Heavenly Father and knows who He is.  It’s easy to tell that she believes He knows who she is.  She is quick to turn to Him in times of worry and sadness.
11)  She is grateful.  Just this morning she came up to give me such a sincere hug to tell me all the details of how thankful she was for everything that happened to help her celebrate yesterday.
12)  She is a good friend, not only to her friends, but also to her brother and sisters.  
13)  She is good to the core.  She makes wise decisions, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right.
Love you forever Claire Bear!  I’m the luckiest mama to call you mine.


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