Do you have any Easter books you would recommend for children? I loved your post during Christmas about books you read to your children and would love something similar for Easter.

I’m sorry I’m getting to this late…but sometimes Amazon is fast! 

We are sadly lacking on Easter books.  Maybe because I’m lazy, or maybe because I like our little yellow charts that get us into the scriptures more.  But we do have two books.  The first is for children and I really like it.  It’s called “The Easter Walk” and you can find it HERE

The other is one recommended by blog readers a couple years ago called “A Christ Centered Easter” and you can find it HERE

There are so many great ideas in there!

I also LOVE the ideas my sister put on Power of Moms a couple years back.  Click HERE to see all the wonderful things she’s come up with.

I would love to read your parents’ books but have no idea which one to start with. I currently have a 13-month-old. Which one do you recommend I read first? Are there any other parenting books you recommend for this stage of motherhood? Thanks so much! 

A few of my favorite early mothering books from my parents is HERE (second question down).  I LOVE 
The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and Ownership as well (sorry, long title but click on that for more info.

I also ADORE 
How to Talk to Your Child About Sex: It’s Best to Start Early, but It’s Never Too Late — A Step-by-Step Guide for Every Age which I have talked a bunch about over the years as we’ve done these “talks” with our kids (HERE).  But your 13-month-old is a little young for that.  Ha!  Just keep it in mind for later.

One of my all-time favorite mothering books for your stage (and every stage) is HERE

A question for you…being the daughter of the Eyres and in the public eye as a popular blogger, do you feel pressure to be a certain kind of Mom? If so how do you deal with that pressure?

Heavens no!  Well, let me back up:  

I feel pressure to be a deliberate parent.  Not because I’m an Eyre or for any other reason other than that I have children I adore.  They deserve it.  I had deliberate parents.  I know what that meant for our family.  I know how secure and loved and wonderful that felt to grow up enveloped into.  I want with all my heart to create that same thing for my own children.  Of course I am not my parents, and the way Dave and I raise our kids is different as we bring in favorite things from how each of us were raised, but we take this business seriously.  (Lots of links on how we do that over HERE.)

As parents we are raising the future.  Now with teenagers I’ve never felt more pressure to raise them right.  And it’s not because I feel any pressure from outside, it’s because I know that’s what’s right.  The world is filled to the brim with distractions.  I want to raise children who will be contributing, happy adults.  And that doesn’t just happen.  That takes work.  

Lots of hard work.

But I know it’s worth every second of it to create strong families.  Our world needs our children to be strong.  So they need us to raise them that way to the best of our abilities.


  1. AH! i want to buy all of the books you recommend…i have already bought a handful of them. I probably should read the ones first before buying more! I am very prone to buying books written by your parents because I see they have raised amazing kids!!

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