SO does Elle go by “Elle” or “Ellie?” 

Some people were confused with those videos I posted on Christmas Eve because I guess we called her “Ellie” there.  The answer is that she goes by pretty much everything.  Her name is Wellesley (see more on that back HERE) and we always planned on calling her Elle but when she was little we called her Ellie and now Dave and I always call her Elle (I sometimes call her “Wells”) and her friend call her both.  

Can you share the recipe for whatever that food is? {in the Christmas post HERE}  I’ve had it before, I’m not sure what it’s called, and I would love to know the recipe! 

That recipe is back HERE.

I love that Max & Elle are so close, do they ever argue?  I have an 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter and it seems like all they ever do is argue! 🙁 {this question is from THIS post with this pic. at the end :)}

I need to remember to thank my lucky stars that they don’t argue hardly ever.  They are great friends.  I think the stars aligned just right in that because 1) they are only 14 months apart so they’ve really never known life without each other, 2) and they are a boy and a girl (not much competition) and 3) they both have super laid-back personalities.  They have a pretty darn cute relationship.  

I have other combinations of kids that do the same thing as yours (argue constantly), and it’s a continual battle to remind them they are best friends forever and they better nurture that relationship while they can!  Lots of tips about that back HERE (4th and 5th question down) and more explanation in the middle of this post HERE.

Love this “fighting bench.”

Just curious about Elle’s curly locks {from close to the end of THIS post}. Does she just roll them in socks and tie? It’s her hair wet or dry? 

I explained a little about how we do those “sock curls” back HERE.  Some day I will take pics. of the process but hope this helps for now.  It really is the best/fastest/easiest way to curl hair in my opinion.

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