Today I have been over getting counters templated over at the new house and I haven’t had a second to post these answers.  But first of all, just wanted to share how beautiful feet look today:  
I think they may need a little TLC…that is the remnants of some of Grace’s orange glitter nail polish I speedy quick put on a couple months ago to cover up a chipped off a summer pedicure from a few months before that.
And I have two pairs of flip flops that look exactly like that that I have rotated through all summer long.  That is all I wear every. single. day.  One time a nail went through the bottom of them…you’d think I’d learn my lesson.  I track dust all over from the drywall stuff.   
There we go.  Just a little snapshot.
Now here are a couple questions and answers:
I love your quote about the temple {in THIS post}.  I would love to buy a print of the temple to hang on my wall. Do you sell your images? 

All my info. about my temple prints are back in this post HERE.  But if you are interested in the new images on that post I could do something with those.  It is kind of pricey for the canvases I offer, but that’s all I have time and energy to offer at this point.  

Could you detail how you do your 10/20/70 savings? There are so many great places you can put that 20% savings, what mix of retirement vs. cash savings has worked for you? 

Well, there is a LOT more info. on this HERE and HERE and HERE, and our slightly perfected system is HERE, but I’ve never gone into a lot of detail as to where the 20 percent goes.  I think everyone uses this differently but the important thing is that it is for investments…whether education, buying a home, going on a mission, etc. and retirement.  For Dave and me personally we were so very grateful to have some good savings when we moved to the desert from back east and Dave was in the process of finding work, then starting a company.  We lived off those savings (going toward the investment of the company) and were so very grateful over and over again for the 20% we had saved up over the years.  

Since Elle has been saving for a while through our family system (and earning 10% each quarter through our family bank) she has some good savings that she wants to put toward a fancy camera she is trying to earn.  Dave and I feel that is a great investment since it’s something she turns around and makes more money from, so we are trying to figure out details on that.  Bottom line for us is that that 20% is specifically for investments.  (Retirement is an investment as far as I’m concerned.)

I have read the Entitlement Trap a few months ago, and plan to begin the system with my daughter…
My question is – she recently began a paper route and will be earning her own money for delivering papers twice a week.  Does it still make sense to have this family income system or should the paper route replace that?

You can cater it to your family’s needs, but I would say the paper route should replace the earning money for
things at home (unless you want to supplement with that to give her more motivation).  No matter how she earns her money though, I would so strongly recommend the 10-20-70 program.  I think it’s SO important to teach kids how to deal with money.  Not only how to spend it, but how to save it for the future and how to give it from their hearts.  I’m just so grateful that this program was so ingrained in me growing up!

I’ve been trying to update some more things on the new house blog over HERE if you’re interested.  I also added a button like this on my side-bar so it’s not so hard to find.

We are off to a couple Halloween parties…how is it already that time of year???

Happy weekend!

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  1. I too love your quote about the temple! (if its the one about kids touching it…) Today my kids and I drove to Logan and walked all around that temple (the one I was married in) and I told my brother your quote. My kids heard me and it meant a lot to my daughter right then. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for your answer about the 70/20/10 question! So… For you guys, family trips (aka India) wasn't taken from that 20%? Investing in such a wonderful and educational and eye opening experience is definitely an investment in my children… Wondering how you guys think abou that. Thank you!! So appreciate your thoughts!! 🙂

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