School’s out and we couldn’t be happier about that little fact over here. I’m going to try to stick in a Friday Q&A every so often to mingle in with the 110 toes thing.  I stopped a while ago because it took so much time but so does the Eyre memory stuff so I’m going to try to just answer a few questions each time and not overwhelm any of us 🙂 Could you post about what you write on your calendar and how you organize yourself each day?  I feel like I could use a little advice in that area. {from this post} I use a program called calvetica on my phone which hooks up with my google calendar on my computer.  I use it because my brother told me it’s the best and he knows his technology like no one else I know.  One thing I really try to do on it each day (some days are better than others) to write down three things I need to get done that day: one for myself (mostly spiritual, physical, etc.), one for my work (my household/blog) and one for my family.  (A little habit my dad taught me from when I was little).  My days seem to go so much better and feel so much more balanced when I have that kind of a plan. I have the IWAN bad. My youngest is 4, and there will be no more. But I am so very nervous to move into the next phase of mothering, because the idea of being alone in the house during the day while the kids are all in school makes me want to cry. Not the being alone, but the not being needed by a baby or toddler. What do I do with myself…ALL DAY? I can only clean house for so long. Do you have ideas about mothering big kids? Is it fun? Does it get better than babies?! This is a silly time to answer this now that the school year is quickly fading away here and I get to have my kids around every day, but I do get this question a lot.  I know everyone is different but think you will be so surprised when your kids are gone during the day.  Sure, there will be an adjustment period.  The house will seem quiet.  But I will tell you, my heart is racing all day while my kids are gone scrambling from one thing to the next.  Maybe it’s the house building stuff we’re doing right now, maybe it is that my email box is constantly overflowing, maybe it’s because I have a bazillion projects swirling around in my mind at any one minute and I would LOVE to have time to sort them out but still don’t even with those hours by myself.  I know everyone is different, but it’s such a good time to get organized so that I can really “be there” for my kids when they are home.  Quite honestly I think I would have mourned my kids all being in school more if my baby didn’t have learning issues that she does.  Her syndrome helps me celebrate each moment she’s in school because it means she’s getting that much more of a boost and having that much more of the structure she craves.  It’s a really big deal for her. And I used to always worry so much about my kids growing up so fast (and always will) but man alive it’s fun to watch them become who they are.  It just gets better I tell you. (Even though I will always miss those babies.) There’s a big post about kids growing up HERE. And there’s an explanation of “IWAN” here and here and here in case you are wondering. Are you still mailing out your “favorite book” (The Book of Mormon) and if so, can I please get a copy? Each time I have posted about this little Mormon Mom Blogger group I’m in (here and here) and how I’d love to send out packets to those who are interested I feel ready.  Each time I feel stocked up on Book of Mormons and I have the mailing supplies ready to go.  I feel empowered and ready.  But then when I get the requests coming in I seem to be paralyzed because I want so much to get them out and in a timely manner and my life isn’t conducive to a timely manner for anything these days.  I had the help of some amazing women at my church with the last mailing, which helped a ton.  But at this point in my life with budding teenagers and house construction and summer starting and feeling like I’ve got a hundred suction cups pulling me every which direction I feel like I just may be losing my mind.  So another one of the Mormon Mom Bloggers has offered to mail out packets for me for a little while.  Her name is Markell and her blog is here.  I will be forwarding requests to her for a little while and she seems like the kind of person who will get these packets out much more quickly than I have been! :)  Her email address is corp8292 at  Hopefully I can get my act together by Fall so I can do this again, but for now Markell is your woman.  (Thanks Markell!!) There are also a whole bunch of other bloggers to look into if you want to see how different Mormons live their lives and how the Mormon religion has touched each of them.  Their links are all in this post back here.   More about the project here. Happy Memorial Day weekend!!! Love, Shawni

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  1. oh I am beyond thrilled that you are doing a Q & A, I have truly missed it!!

    Thanks for that post. My little ones are all in school 3 days a week, and I have one home thurs & thurs…and I thought I would have all this extra time, to read, and blog, and whatever, and it's true, I find myself running around most days, on the off day I do get to sit and have a few minutes to myself, I pick up a book!! ps, I am 3/4 way thorugh cutting for stone.. I can barely wait to pick it up again!

  2. I'm so grateful that you're sending me a Mormon packet all the way across the ocean, and I don't mind at all how long it takes to get here! Your three things plan is a good one, I used to schedule my day hour by hour but I found I got far less done that way. Now, my most productive days are the ones where I make a list of goals and use them as a break from the big job (currently, studying for Finals) which is just ongoing. I also get to tick things off which is a huge motivator!

  3. "What do I do with myself…ALL DAY?"

    Here's a novel idea….how about get a J-O-B !!

    I bet your husband would appreciate the financial help and it would give you a little adult interaction, which I bet you miss.

  4. It sounds like you are super busy Shawni! I think you have a hundred jobs already (this blog being one of them that brings in income right?)! I am grateful for the example you are of such a righteous, deliberate mother to those 5 kids. You have inspired me more times than I can count to be a better Mom to my 5!

    If you want extra help mailing the packets out I would love to do that with my kids!

  5. I can relate to the woman dreading being home alone, but I have to say that this phase of my life has been much better than expected. I've been able to volunteer a ton at my kids' school, and find causes that I believe in and get involved in my community in a more meaningful way (like becoming an adult literacy tutor). Some of my volunteering has led me to develop new skills and hobbies and helped me meet new and interesting people. I have spent days at home feeling lonely and sorry for myself, but I've been much happier when I created a "schedule" for myself that included service and something for myself (exercise, etc). The fact that she is thinking about it now gives her a lot of time to figure out what the next phase of life will look like and make it awesome. I wanted to wish her good luck!

  6. I'm LDS as well, and I absolutely love love LOVE how you have been able to send out so many Book of Mormons! Thanks for being willing to share your testimony with so many others. 🙂

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