I have a question for you; where did you get your name? Were you named for anyone in particular, or was it just a name that your parents liked? My parents just came up with that wing-dinger of a name from the recesses of their 70’s minds.  Aren’t I lucky!?  Ha ha.  My full name is actually “Shawnalee” which is even more 70s if you ask me.  My parents knew they wanted to name me “Shawni” but debated over whether the whole name should be “Shawnalee” or “Shawnacee.”  Not sure which one I would choose if I could and not exactly sure how they came up with which one fit best.  Needless to say, we always joke that Saydi got the good name in the family.  And Saren and Charity aren’t so bad.  But Shawni?  Hmmmm.  I kid (a little)…I’m used to it and have grown endeared to it over the years, but I hope none of my kids every feel like they need to name a child after me:) In our new home I really want to do a staircase gallery. Any tips/suggestions on how to get it to look as perfect as yours does? Make a whole slew of holes in the wall trying to get things in the right spot and remember that you can caulk and paint them.  Walls are durable. OR you can cut out frame sizes from butcher paper and tape them up to re-arrange until you get it just how you want it.  Probably the second option would be the best one.  I’ll refrain from saying which one I did… Do you have any rules about kids and eating as far as trying new things, or you eat what I make or starve.. or 3 bites etc? Dinner can be so boring around here, I have one daughter that refuses to eat cheese, no allergy, just refuses, ( unless it’s on pizza), but no lasagna, cream sauces. then the others are just plain picky! HELP! We tell the kids they need to have “a lot or a little” and they can choose.  (Something my parents always did with us.)  It works wonders. I love the way that you dress up your table every Sunday {this postDo you really bring out nice glasses and chargers every Sunday? Almost.  That’s just what we did growing up so I’ve done it for as long as I can remember.  So now my kids (who set the table) almost always opt to set the fancy one on Sundays.  Hey, what other way do you get full use out of wedding china? 🙂 So I have a couple questions 🙂 How did it work for you when your oldest was the only one old enough to earn money? {referring to this post}  Was that child the only one with a chart, or did everyone still have a chart but the younger ones didn’t earn money yet? We did sticker charts and random charts along the way when our kids were really little but we didn’t do anything elaborate like our new system until this year.  Well, let’s back up, we tried to do stuff like that before, but it just mostly frustrated us.  My personal opinion is to wait until kids can really fully comprehend and “get it” and need money (or at least have older siblings who do). Love your kids job charts thanks so much for sharing!!! We started it last week and worked great! I have a question though. My son who is 5 saw that my daughter who is 9 gets more money then him and thought that wasn’t fair. At first I thought well she’s older but when I realized the job charts they are doing pretty much the same thing. How do you justify paying more to older siblings? Do you have them do extra stuff that’s just not listed?
My opinion is just that when you are older you have more responsibilities.  You pay more into your savings, you pay more of a charitable contribution, etc.  Yes, they are doing pretty much the same things, but to me, it’s almost a right of passage, the older they get, the more of a burden of responsibility they will be able to understand with money (especially if you’re having them help or fully pay for their own clothes.  Of course, every family may come up with their own way to do it, but this one has been what works for us! ***Next week I’m starting a new Friday deal.  I’ll still do Q & A every so often, but they take so darn long and quite honestly, let’s be honest that I’m not really qualified to answer most parenting questions anyway :)  Instead of Q & A I’m going to start a new series called something like “the whacky life of the Eyre family growing up years” or something more catchy if I can come up with it.  Yeah, there are some crazy things to write about, I tell you.  More about why I’m doing that next week.  Happy weekend!

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  1. My given name is Shauni, so I'm right there with you–same pronunciation, just different spelling! I was so excited to come across your blog, especially since we share the same rare name! 🙂

  2. Shawni, you didn't tell Saren's full name… that makes your name look "common" – besides, I love your name – every version! (Saren, I do love yours too, but you have to admit it is unusual.)

  3. Didn't know where I'm supposed to ask questions but figured I can ask here: I just found out I'm pregnant with our first little bean. My husband and I are so excited! Is there anything you recommend doing at this stage of
    "parenting"? I'm trying to write letters/journal and keep track of everything.

    Thanks so much Shawni! Have a great weekend.

  4. I just have to say that I love your name! I learn so much from your blog, looking forward to the new series of posts. Thanks!

  5. Thanks to all of you who love Shawni's name because we always knew that would be what we would call her and I think it really fits her! Shawnalee, not so much. Shawnasee, pretty cute! I'ts okay Shawni, I never liked my name much either. Ah life!

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