I would LOVE if you and your girls would do a regular series of posts about their super cute, fun hairstyles! They always look so darling and put-together, and I’ve always been completely clueless when it comes to style 😉 I also have daughters, and it’d be fun to learn from y’all. Thanks! xo 

Oh, you must be talking about this hair:

Or this hair:


That’s what it looks like more often than not lately, especially since it’s spring break right now…

Lucy was still wearing her pj’s at 5:30 in the evening the other day.

I love weeks like this with all my heart.  

But I digress.  Back to the important stuff:  HAIR.

I will have the girls do a tutorial at some point, but I figured I’d share some stuff we do on a regular basis around here.  

When you have four girls hair must be done, gosh darn it.  

But I am the girl who came up with my own hair-dos growing up, so doing hair isn’t the worst thing ever to me.  One growing-up hair-do creation involved spraying a wisp of hair into a curl plastered right on my each of my cheeks.  It only lasted until I smiled, then it chinked right off.  

Here are some things we do a bunch.  I know they are old news to many, and there are SO many more fancy things out there, but this is what I’ve got in my tried and true arsenal.

Take one section of hair and hold a hot curling iron vertically to catch it at the roots.

Inch down the section of hair slowly, turning the curling iron as you go.



Take a section of hair to twist.

Divide it into two sections:

Twist them both the same direction as each other, then twist them together opposite.

Does that make any sense?

Secure with an elastic:
My girls love “twisty crowns” so we usually do both sides and attach the twists in the back.

Lucy asks for “ponytail twisties” almost every day.  They are the same thing but put hair in ponytails first and then twist it on down.


Lucy loves to wear her hair down but I can’t stand it all straggly in her eyes so I do this a lot:

Take a section and put it in an elastic.

Loosen the elastic just a tad, separate the hair inside the elastic in half:

Push the small ponytail through the opening you made:

And there we go…

…hair that won’t get in her face.


 I call that one on Grace on the left “The Claire” because she pretty much asks for it every day.  Just do a french braid but start it right above the ear instead of on top.  Gather hair from top and bottom as you braid.

I love this one too:

You just do two loose braids on each side and fasten them up and over the top with bobby pins, carefully trying to hide the elastics.

What type of curling iron do you use on your girls’ hair? It always looks great! 

We use a bunch of different curling irons we’ve collected over the years but I think these are the most common ones:

That 3-barrel one on the left crimps hair like this:

(Kind of like a crimping iron back in the 80’s but looser.)
Please share how you do the “sock curls” you do in your girls hair.
Ok, so I have explained this a couple times before but never with pictures so here we go with trusty Claire behind the camera.
Depending on how tight of curl you are going for, wet down hair ever so slightly (OR do this right before the hair is fully dry after hair is washed before bed) and divide hair into sections.  
For Elle I use three socks, for Grace I usually use four (Grace’s hair is super duper thick).
Hold a sock right at the roots of the hair and begin twisting that section around the sock:
(Not sure why the color on these is all messed up but you get the idea.)

Once you get all the hair rolled onto the sock, tie a knot.

(My girls think I’m funny because I hold one end of the sock in my mouth while I tie because I seem to need three hands to do that!)

 Ready for bed:

In the morning simply unroll those socks and finger through the curls.

Here’s Grace one morning before she fingered through the curls:


  1. Thanks for sharing, specially with the pictures, now I think I understand how to do the sock-curls and might try it sometime 🙂

  2. Thank you so much. I tried the sock thing once but I didn't get it, now I think I got it, I don't even have a daughter but I want to try on myself 🙂

  3. Thanks for the sock tutorial!! 🙂 We call the one where you pulled Lucy's hair out of her face a "flippy" because when I was taught how to do it on my very particular then-3yr-old I told her I would flip it thru…

  4. Hi Shawni! Thank you so much for responding to my request and for the great tutorials! I love 'em. And the 1st photo (of Lucy) made me laugh out loud! SO funny and sweet 🙂 . I look forward to learning more tips and tricks from you and your beautiful daughters! Thanks again xoxo

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