I was wondering if you could point me to the site where your video is again? {on Mormon.org} My brother is going through a hard time and I wanted him to watch some of those videos because I think they are inspiring. In fact, if you know of one in particular to point out for me, that would be great! He is going through a very rough divorce that he doesn’t even want and 4 children in the mix and so much more…are there any of the videos that you think would be inspiring to him?! Thanks so much!I answered this sweet girl a while ago but wanted to share her question here because I totally love this Mormon.org site. This is what I wrote to her just FYI: The one that comes to mind that has divorced people in it is the one with a guy named “Allan.” I think you can find it when you click here. It won’t relate exactly to what your brother is going through but it may give him hope. You can enter “divorce” in the “search site” box and tons of divorce stories will come up…not sure which ones would help him the most, but I know there are some great stories on there. Hope that helps!!
Whether it’s a divorce someone is going through or struggling with an addiction or raising a child with special needs or just trying to pump up their spirituality, there seems to be a story on there for everyone. I love that it shows so much diversity and it relates stories of people from all walks of life. I put my video in the “press” tab at the top of this blog but click here if that’s easier.
And while we’re on this topic, can I just clear it up that I did NOT make this video myself? Some people have asked me what equipment I used and how I got inspired to do it, etc. and I’ve got to admit that it makes me quite embarrassed to think that people may actually think I set up my video camera and decided “heck, I think I’ll make a video about myself.”
Other people have asked who I hired to do it, and that kind of embarrassing too! I do not know how they choose who they put on there, but I know when they contacted me they were looking for someone to talk about the ins and outs of motherhood. I feel very humbled and honored that they contacted me (even though it makes me turn a few shades of red when people bring it up 🙂 There was a lot of work from a lot of professional people that went into that thing (I talked about it here and here).
And one more thing on this topic…click here for a funny thing on Mormons. You’ve got to be able to take yourself lightly, right?
It’s old news, but I Dave and I had a good laugh over it.(There are a lot of other religion questions answered in my interview here.)

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  1. can you tell me about your 'house cleaning' schedule. I am a bit of a clean freak, but then i find myself cleaning all day and not spending as much time with the kids as i would like. But i really do not function well in a messy house, and with 3 smallish children, i clean mess from mess to mess. Do you clean after they go to bed? How often do you mop floors, vaccum, change beds etc? HELP hahah

  2. That Steven Colbert bit is funny! My husband and I watched that a while ago. That would be funny if you made that whole video yourself……about yourself. LOVE mormon.org, we watch those videos all the time. I love all the new Aussie's they have on there!

  3. That video is one of my favorites on the site!
    When I have a bad day I will go on mormon.org and watch all the "im a mormon" videos. Your just happens to be one that I relate to.
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Shawni, I'm just new to your blog and have fallen love with it! Found you via Naomi from Seven Cherubs. I myself am not a Mormon but I love learning about other religions and how people worship. Best Wishes Leanne

  5. ps – i get the similar questions about my mormon.org video, and it's even funnier cuz visits to the LA visitors' center make me feel like a wanna-be celebrity even when I don't want the attention – but I always say – I'm a nobody in the video whereas everyone else is doing crazy awesome super things like the guy who got amputated and made his own machine thing, the hs girl who started a nfp, the record company exec, you, and so on and so forth! funny story – a co-worker had a pop-up ad with me in the subway and a "i'm Mormon tagline" and copied it and sent it to a TON of people at work. at first it was mortifying but then – it got everyone watching the video and onto mormon.org and discussing it, so it was well worth it. similarly – everyone who reads and LOVES your blog (self included) are thinking, wow – she's pretty neat and wanting to learn more. thank you for that!

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