I had a few questions like this:

My daughter would like to make videos like Elle’s.  Is it something she can teach herself, does it require a lot of editing?  Does she do it on her iPhone, computer or some of both?  Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.  

And this:

Please tell us what program elle used, and who sings that song! Great song! 

And this:

What does she use for the clips? My guess is a DSLR because of the focus control she seems to have?

…after I posted Elle’s video at the end of  THIS POST

So here are some answers:

Elle started making videos a few years ago.  I think she was inspired a lot by a cute older friend Kiley who is amazing at this stuff.  (See Kiley’s awesome videos HERE, and her blog is HERE.)

Elle learned a lot from her and a few other friends as well as my brother, and figured out a bunch of stuff on her own.  It was hard work, but something she was really interested in so she put in a lot of time and effort.  She always used iMovie which worked great.  Somehow teenagers have so much more technical oriented brains than old people like me do 🙂 so she figured out how to edit clips and use all the controls so well.  

Finally on her last birthday after drooling over it for a long time, Dave and I got her FinalCut Pro as a investment gift which she was SOOO excited about.

So that’s what she uses now.  

She has kind of taken over my camera (Canon 5D Mark II) for the video because she likes to focus in and out on things, but she is diligently earning money for her own camera by doing her own photoshoots (I’ll have to share pics. when I can get them on this computer.) 

I’m not sure if I shared this one from the lake this summer:

And this one is super creative she and her friends made a couple months ago:

This Easter one was good too:

(See her other videos HERE.)

Please know that there are so many ways to make videos that DON’T require all that equipment though.  Grace is just starting into this video-making hoopla along with her cute friends.  They just use iPod Touches or little cameras for footage and they always use iMovie to put things together.  I think they have done such a great job!  There are so many ways to use technology creatively these days!!

Here’s one of my favorites from Grace a while back:

They put Dave’s new GoPro to work after he got it for Father’s Day to do this video:

And here’s her latest:

Creativity in the making.

I’d say (in answer to the first question), have your daughter start small and work up.  There are all kinds of programs you can google to help figure it out.  It’s kind of a fun hobby.

I hope my girls will both put the skills they are learning to good work.  I told Elle she should start offering “A Day in the Life” videos for families.  I would LOVE something like that to record a normal day around here.

I don’t know what the song was, but I’ll add it in as soon as Elle tells me.

Happy weekend!!

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  1. Great videos, very clever!

    I can't seem to find where to email you but I've been trying to find a link (I discovered it a while ago) to your sibling in Hawaii trying to become self sufficient. I've tried to search your blog with no luck. Hoping you or one of your readers can help! x Dre

  2. Another thing, you should have your daughters check out haugencreative.com. They are videographers based in UT, but they travel all over the world with their business. We are hiring them to do a lifestyle shoot.

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