I can never see your updates on your house blog… the last update that I can see is in September. I click on home, and try everything but no go.  Any suggestions? {house blog is HERE}

That’s just because I’ve been trying to catch up so I’m leaving the dates back in September.  But I’ve put a little more work into it including the paint color stuff and I need help today figuring out flooring!!  If anyone has any wood flooring advice I’d love it since I was supposed to pick the wood last month!  Here’s the flooring post link:  

I published that post here accidentally this morning (instead of on the house blog) and a few people commented before I realized…sorry guys, didn’t mean to erase those comments!

Sorry that’s just house stuff…more family q&a coming soon…

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  1. I don't have a ton of experience with wood floors, other than I have them, and hate that they have to be refinished from time to time. My brother has amazing looking "wood" floors, except they are tile. And they look spectactular and are super easy to clean and will never have to be refinished. Just a thought.

  2. Ok, so I'm seriously not trying to sell you anything but my husbands cousin has a wood flooring company in Texas with a branch in Phoenix. ive only been to his house and their floors are like jaw dropping AMAZING and I know they do great work and apparently no one can beat their prices. But it's like real wood.

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