Okay, I’m noticing that you got new carpet? {from the before and after pictures here and here} Is it brown waffle like carpet? I can’t quite tell? We are about to get new carpet, and I’m loving yours!

Yep we got new carpet but it’s probably been a couple years now. I got sick of the shaggy almost white stuff because it showed up everything so we opted for more industrial stuff and I LOVE it.

I’d love to hear how you handle computer, tv, video game, time at your house with your kids. We struggle with this at our house.

That answer is here.

I do wonder what you have your ISO set at when you are inside your house and inside the church at night. Are you at 1600? The light in your night-time shots is always amazing to me.
{from this post.}

I adjust my ISO depending on the light available. If it’s REALLY dark, I sometimes put it up to 6400. Most of the time when it’s dim inside I adjust to around 2,000 or 3,000. I’m lucky because my camera (Canon Mark II 5D) happens to be really, really good at high ISO settings (a lot of cameras make a photo look pretty grainy when it’s set that high). I love that about it because I’m not a big fan of most flash photography.

I’m just wondering, do you ever wake up and think, “I just can’t make myself exercise today,” or “I refuse to do any dishes today?” Do you ever feel this way? And again, where do you get the motivation to do all that you do day in and day out?

Well, the answer to this is yes, yes and yes! On the exercise thing, this last month has been so darn crazy I have only exercised one time before getting up here to Bear Lake where my sisters pulled me out to huff and puff and try to run with them today. I do usually prioritize exercise because it just makes me feel better. I pry myself out of bed and try to get in at least 3 or 4 good workouts each week before the kids wake up during the school year because it makes my day so much more productive. I know not everyone is like this. My Mom hates to exercise and claims it makes no difference in how she feels and I know there are tons of people like that. For me though, it gets those endorphins going and gives me way more energy.

As for the dishes, I just feel better if they’re done too. It makes me sick to my stomach to look around and see a disaster. Believe me, it’s there for sure, but that’s when I get my nag reflex going for the kids to finish up their jobs 🙂

Having the kids have specific jobs really does help me not feel alone in trying to do everything myself. I think it’s so important that we work together as a family on stuff like that.

My ten year old always wants to buy things anytime we go into any store. I keep telling her that we need to come up with a way for her to earn her own money for some of the things she wants. I know you and your siblings had to pay for many of your things growing up to learn the value/importance of money and saving, etc. I’m not really a fan of dishing out allowance, so I’m trying to come up with some possible solutions. Any ideas for us?

Dave and I are always trying to re-work money matters in our family. I think we need to do another re-vamp in the Fall. But for now I wrote my theories here, and then a follow-up to them here.

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  1. First off I love your blog!! I wish I had more time to read all the great blog posts (as I always pick up great ideas) but I don't. What a great idea with this Q&A thing you have here today. As I was reading about your camera settings I was wondering if you had heard about the new Lytro camera coming out soon?

    Apparently you can take any picture and adjust the focus, even if you took a poor quality shot. This technology will revolutionize the way pictures turn out. And it will definitely help "photography challenged" people like me :-).
    Love your photography by the way, and thanks for you inspirational blog, I always come away feeling inspired to do something better…

  2. Love, love your blog. Sometimes I forget that I don't actually know you because your writing style just sounds like a friend. I'm lovin' your Q & A's – my question is how do you determine how many activities each child can participate in and do they chose or do you? Are there any activities you continue throughout summer – like music lessons?

  3. I have a question also. On my blog, I only use first initials of my kids and on facebook I use an alias last name since I use networked blogs (which links to my fb page). Obviously, anyone that reads your blog knows the names of each of your children and your last name.

    So, my question is, do you feel safe doing it that way? Have you ever thought it to be a mistake? I would like to start using my kids' real names because I sometimes slip anyway as I type and then have to go back and correct it. I just know readers enjoy knowing those things, it makes them feel more connected to the blogger, I just don't want any weirdies stalking us. Make sense?

  4. Thank you for your blog! I love your writings and often come away very inspired. I do have a funny question though. Where do you get your swimming suits? I have been looking for a modest tankini for quite sometime with no luck. I love that blue polkadot one you had on in those photos. Any info would be great!

  5. Hi,my name is Monica..i too, like Sarah Lunt's comment-(don't know her either) but her comment is what i would say and hope you use that Q on Friday.. mine is, and REALLY hope you can give some insite on my Q.. How do you feel about your kids in sports particularly, boys (i have 4) 4,7,11,13.. and how aggressive you and your husband feel your son should take the sport he is in. My 12 yr old can hold his own. but my 11 yr old isn't as great, but semi good in what he does. His peers are REALLY good, and some let him and his friends know he is NOT good and should quit. how would you and your husband feel if you ever heard your son's peers say that? i say peers, not friends.. hope you can calm me down and give me some good thoughts.. Monica

  6. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks! I have a question. Where do you buy your clothes? You always look so good! If you have any fashion tips, I'd love to hear about them.

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