I have a question. When you go on vacation and you don’t bring your “real camera” what camera do you bring?

I have a little Canon PowerShot SD 750 Digital Elph that I always have in my purse. When I go on a trip without the kids I just bring that one. I don’t mind lugging around my big one but it makes Dave happy when I don’t stop to take pictures every five seconds which the big one lures me to do;).

Did you have your cabinets professionally painted? Are they easy to clean? Where did you get your black and white entry rug? You have great style!!

Yes, I had a guy paint them a couple summers ago and I couldn’t be happier about them. They brighten up our kitchen so much and I LOVE white. (See before and after pictures here and here.)

They are painted with a strong lacquer paint so they are easily wipe-able but after a few years of wear and tear they do have some nicks here and there. The black and white entry rug is my splurge from Anthropologie (it’s actually charcoal and white…and yes the white gets dirty, darn it!). (You can see more about the entry way details in this post.)

Does Lucy ever wear pants? I find it so adorable that she is always in a dress or a skirt and wouldn’t be caught without her pink pearls or “L” initial necklace. She’s a girly girl.

I wish Lucy could wear pants. Unfortunately the only pants that fit her are stretchy pants and I haven’t found any cute ones lately. She loves dresses and they are easy so we go with them. She did LOVE that pink necklace she used to always wear. I finally succeeded in hiding that necklace away and she hasn’t complained about it so it’s gone for now 🙂

Where did you get that white scalloped cake stand? I’ve looked everywhere for something like that!

Pottery Barn years ago on a super good clearance sale. Sorry!

What do you choose to “pin” or mark on the map in your dining room?

We just put little red stickers on the places at least one person in our family has visited. For more info. on our map and other “walls” stuff click here.


  1. i love your cabinets. he did such a great job, it makes your kitchen look so much brighter, bigger and updated..way to go! Love the rug too!
    oh by the way, small world, i know victoria O'hare from when when lived in England!!! we went to the best concert ever together!!

  2. Your post on Fast Sundays disappeared…I think. I read it in my reader, then I clicked on it to leave a comment and it's no where to be found. Anyway, thanks for the great Fast Sunday ideas!

  3. Rats! I saw in my Dashboard Reading List that you answered questions about the fasting club. I've been waiting for that so I was disappointed to see it was gone before I got to read it. Please repost!! Thanks. 🙂

  4. Hey NattybyDesign, I just posted that fasting club q&a for a minute and then decided to wait til next week since next weekend is fast Sunday. I'll re-post next Friday 🙂

  5. Hey, I read the fasting post on my reader, not sure where it is.
    We've recently fasted for some non member friends who have cancer. They call it "starving for Roddy" — not sure they got the point, but I'm sure they knew we love them. 🙂

  6. you might try matilda jane for pants for lucy. the matilda jane "ruffle" pants are full in the leg, have elastic waistbands, and come in oodles of adorable patterns, mostly knits. in the summer/spring months they carry capri lengths. you could order a size up and get capri length to fit her at her ankle? the resale value of MJ is great too!


  7. Shawni, here's a question maybe for this week's Q&A: my ten year old always wants to buy things anytime we go into any store. I keep telling her that we need to come up with a way for her to earn her own money for some of the things she wants. I know you and your siblings had to pay for many of your things growing up to learn the value/importance of money and saving, etc. I'm not really a fan of dishing out allowance, so I'm trying to come up with some possible solutions. Any ideas for us?

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