You remember back HERE where Lucy taught me she really could do soccer if she set her mind to it?

Well, Grace shows me a thing or two about what she can do all the time.  That girl has no fear of trying out for things.  And we need to give her some hip-hip-hoorays for that, because sometimes that takes a boatload of courage I tell you!
(Not that I would actually know because I was wayyyyyy to shy to try out for much growing up.)
She wrapped up her volleyball season the same week all the clinics started for cheerleading.  

She thought to herself, “Hey, I can do a back handspring, I think I’ll try out for that!”
So she did.
She wrapped up her last volleyball game and a really cute little awards ceremony one night:
(she made so many new, cute friends on that team)
…and then had her final cheerleading tryouts the day after.
Amidst a sea of girls trying out, Grace made it!

 As you can see, she was not one bit excited about it 🙂

So we’re off to a new season of cheering for boys’ basketball.
The first game was during her choir performance last week, so we’re gearing up to go watch her cheer her heart out this week.
Go Grace!

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  1. Hooray! I love to hear of successes. Every kid needs a chance to shine, especially during the hard tween and teenage years. It's nice to see that she's found a niche.

  2. Good for Grace! I love that she went to her choir performance over cheering…..our kids were given a really hard time at school in their sports if something else got in the way. Do y'all have that problem at all?

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