Grace and Claire put together a pretty fun game night for us the other night, so I’m here to share real quick since I thought these games would be so fun for a New Years party.

They are like “minute-to-win-it” with a twist and kept everyone involved and happy:) I just sat there basking in that togetherness.

***Check out my instagram stories for videos if you wanna see all this in live action.

Fun New Years Eve Party Games

or just

Minute-to-Win-it Game Ideas

for any time of year!

Ok, so you need just a few supplies: silo cups, some votive candles, cotton balls, a 2-liter soda bottle, a can of soda, some boxes of tissues, a few balloons and some ping-pong balls, (depending on which games you want to do).

The girls divided us randomly into four teams.

Empty the tissue box:

The only goal? To be the first to empty the tissue box. Easy peasy right? But it was pretty funny to watch.

Here they are with a team member from each team ready to go:

And here they are only seconds later after those hands were FLYING emptying tissues:

McKenna won with flying colors.

Scoop the cotton balls:

A representative from each team was blindfolded and had to scoop up as many cotton balls as possible into a bowl in fifteen seconds:

Then we counted the cotton balls at the end and the team who had scooped up the most at the end won.

Stack the silo cups with a balloon:

Another team representative stepped up from each team. This time the goal was to use only a balloon to stack six silo cups together.

They had to blow up the balloon just enough to pick up each cup and put it in the pile. First to pile up the cups won.

Blow out the candles:

On this one the team member had to have their mouth level with the table and blow out a whole string of votive candles:

It turned out that all four teams were able to do this easy-peasy, so we made that a “qualifier” and made the next round a little tougher…candles further away:

The team with the most candles in a row blown out starting from the front was the winner.

Did I mention Grace and Claire did such a great job being the moderators of all this??

Empty the ping-pong balls:

The girls tied the empty tissue box filled with ping-pong balls around the waist of the contestants and they had to shake out as many as they could in 15 seconds.

It was pretty funny and Lu was quite the jumper!

Ping-pong ball bounce:

Each team had two players try to bounce the ping-pong ball across the table to each other first with five bounces, then with four, then three, then two, then one:

If they couldn’t get it right they just kept trying until they did, and each team was timed to see who was the fastest.

Land the candy-cane:

Again, each team had two representatives who held the string across the table and had to get the candy cane to land in the soda bottle. Once they got it in, they switched sides of the table and had to get it in one more time from a different angle:

(This one was timed to see who could do it fastest as well.)

Roll the soda can for points:

Grace and Claire put tape lines on the end of the table and each team had someone roll the soda can for points:

Past the first line is one point, past the second is two, and past the third is three points.

People got pretty dang good with those rolls!

It was such a fun night.

Hope maybe some of these ideas will work their way into your own family celebrations.

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!! Once my brain clears out I’d so love to hear everyone’s ideas about New Years goals!!

Sending out love this last weekend of 2022!!

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  1. Love these! Always looking for new game ideas and the timing is perfect!

    Did you ever write about your “one word” for 2022? I tried doing a quick search but didn’t find anything for this year. You inspired me to give it a try years ago and 2023 will be my 9th year doing it already!

    1. I never wrote about my 2022 word because I never decided on one!😳. After all those years! Doing one this year though…I’ll have to do a post on it soon. I’m so glad you are doing it…and inspiring me right back to do it again. XOXO

  2. Please can you direct me to the game which involves die and the loser doing a forfeit. Thank you and Happy New Year to you all 💖💖

  3. We got together with all of my siblings for NYE and my brother taught us a new card game called Swoop. It was so much fun! If you haven’t tried it before google it for the directions. It’s a game for all ages to play.

  4. Thanks for these, Shawni! I took your ideas and we did the cotton ball scoop, the rolling can curling, and the Kleenex pull. It was a hoot! The best part is my two year old loved the games as much as my 71 year old parents – it’s hard to find such age accessible games so thank you. Also, hilariously, my two year old won the rolling can game by sheer luck. We almost blew the roof off with our shock and cheers hahah

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