It is happening.

This little girl of mine, my baby, is getting ready to start HIGH SCHOOL!

I guess the school is getting new flooring that is backordered so they’re making do with what they’ve got!

I have all kinds of mixed emotions about that business. And all kinds of questions too:

How did the time fly so fast?

How is she going to do maneuvering that humongous school?

Who in the world had the grand idea to start school on August 4th???

But like it or not, and also ready or not, it’s right around the corner.

I took Lucy and a few of her friends to the freshman orientation, all filled up with nervous anticipation.

Loved dropping them off and giving them some love as they headed into that huge school…they looked so small and innocent. (I tried to get a picture all incognito…):

We met up with a bunch of girls and their moms for lunch after the orientation:

I looked around at all those moms and daughters and was just so grateful. Grateful for mothers who model so much kindness. I have always appreciated my kids’ friends. Oh, good friends are like jewels, aren’t they? And with Lucy’s friends my appreciation digs deeper than ever.

These girls are good to the core.

Lu and I got to go walk the school.

We get to go again with Lucy’s mobility trainer tomorrow morning, but it was fun to have that little date with my girl before the day-before-the-big day.

Someone asked about Lucy’s “tan”…if you want more info about that click HERE.

Oh she is nervous. And I am too. This will be a big transition and I still don’t know for sure who her “special helpers” will be and whether she will be mad that they are trying to help her. Praying so hard that it will all go smoothly.

There is sometimes worry oozing right out of her, spilling out into everything else. But she is also excited. And I think her biggest excitement lies with the fact that this sister in the front below is on a plane en route to meet us TONIGHT to get ready for her own SENIOR YEAR.


There is nothing like starting school with a sister.

See you soon Claire Bear!

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  1. Yay for Lucy. She is growing into such a beautiful girl. So much love for her!! You must be very excited for Claire to come back. A month away from home is a long time. xxx

  2. Good luck Lucy! She’s a champ!
    Will you be posting about Bear Lake? It’s been such a delight to read thorough posts about your reunion in the past. Probably since I’ve never had a big, close-knit family, it’s somehow comforting and inspiring to read about your reunions accompanied with lots of beautiful photos.

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