I have some gift ideas for the mothers in your life. Because mothers deserve to be celebrated. And with that celebration there should probably be a little pampering, right? I mean, I was just with Abby and Murphy and was reminded the of the motherhood wrestle that happens with babies and small kids. And all that wrestling is done with JOY (well, most of the time). How does that happen?

I don’t know, but it’s pretty awesome. Also, it was my mom’s birthday last week. As I wrote her a birthday message I was moved to tears about the selflessness that becomes so apparent when you reflect on the life of a mother. And the beautiful thing? The more you love, the more you grow.

And this may sound cheesy, but I believe not only do you grow, but you GLOW. I see it in the mothers and nurturers I know.

So clearly.

That being said, there are so many women out there who are the most incredible nurturers who may or may not be called “mothers.” They are heroes too. Let’s all think of someone to honor this Mother’s Day who may not have the title of mother but who deserves to be pampered for all the nurturing they do. That nurturing is what makes the world go around.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ok, so Mother’s Day is coming up pretty dang fast. March 12th to be exact. So let’s get going on gift ideas.



I have always been (and still am) a big Stanley water bottle fan. It keeps my water cold and
encourages me to drink more. But I could never take that thing on trips with me. Too big. Too leaky.

That’s where this puppy comes in. You guys, it is so good. It fits in my backpack, doesn’t matter if it tips over, and is small enough to bring all over creation.


Dave got me these gardening tools for a Mother’s Day gift a few years ago
and I’ve sure put them to use lately as I’ve worked to plant my own flower garden.


I’m a new fan of making sourdough bread. It’s been a fun new challenge for me, and guess what?
It’s really not as hard as you might think. I use makeshift tools for mine,
so I would love to have these whizbang beauties.


I’m sorry, but every mom needs cookie scoops.
In my opinion, these are pretty important tools for mothering:)


But for real, these “Talking Point” cards are for real an incredible help for
one of the other most important tools for mothering: communication.
Dave got these cards for us a while back and they have created the
best dinner/game/sitting around conversations. I love them so much.

There are also these other sets that look great,
one for TEEN talking points, and one for KIDS talking points:


Ok, not really a “practical” gift, but sure a fun one. We played Skull King so much in Florida
with Elle and Carson this last weekend (graduation weekend, more coming about that!).
Elle and Carson, as well as Carson’s parents are pretty dang good at it!
Dave and I need to practice our skills.



A pretty awesome gift for a hiking/beaching mama. I have used mine so much
and it’s still going strong. You can wash it, package it up all tiny when you’re not using it,
and use it to carry all you need for the beach or the mountains.


This is a pretty awesome cost-effective copy of the popular
Lulu Lemon fanny pack that I love so much. SUCH a perfect carrier for my
sunglasses, ID, phone, etc. that’s so easy to carry around.


As much as I love my smaller fanny pack, sometimes I want something a tad bit bigger.
Something that could carry a water bottle or a small book…you know, just a little more roomy.
I would LOVE this one. It’s the Baggu brand that my girls all love.

Speaking of this brand…


Ok, and one more, because this is the bag Elle and Claire adore.
Claire is carrying it around Australia every day as a missionary.
Just big enough to carry around everything you need for the day.
This one is just a tad bit bigger. Such a great bag that would make a great Mother’s Day gift.



I love this thing. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on a bad hair day, and I bring it
with me practically wherever we go. Because you never know when
you might need a little boost in the hair department.


This is the same kind of idea, but bigger waves (1.25).
Another good pick-me-up on a bad hair day:)


This foot massager is the perfect gift for a mother of any age.
It’s on a great sale right now and has the best reviews!


I know this is a little thing, but silk scrunchies are something I need right now. Because I’m down to one.
Helps so much to prevent hair breakage and so much better than other hair ties out there.
There’s a bigger pack that looks really good too. Great reviews.


We had a gathering for Relief Society with someone in our church congregation
who is so awesome at holistic medicine. We sat outside and learned so much about how when we take care of our bodies, we help ourselves mentally, physically and even spiritually.

This is the dry brush we all got to try that night.
But THIS ONE looks pretty great too…complete with a face brush too.


I have mentioned these before, because Bala Bands are awesome. My friend gave me some
for my birthday a while back and I love them. I think I may have the two pound ones,
but either way, kind of a fun thing to wear around and build muscles in your day-to-day tasks:)


Oh man, I think the gift of a good book for Mother’s Day is the best kind of book.
Books can inspire you to whole new levels of motherhood.
Here are some of my very favorites.

Books that include parents to learn from in the plots:

Katie in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn taught me so much about mothering. I love that she wanted so much more for her kids, and required that they save money in a can nailed to the closet floor and read from Shakespeare every day.

I LOVE the parent perspective in A Place for Us. You get to see it from two different vantage points. One of my favorite books of all time.

I’d love to have a whole conversation about the parental figures in The Good Earth. Honestly, this is one of my favorite books of all time too. These were part of the book collection I gave to my kids for Christmas, to start their own personal library of book-goodness.

And my two top favorite actual motherhood books:

My mom’s book called I Didn’t Plan to Be a Witch is the BEST. I love how vulnerable she is, and as a young mom she made me feel like even though I had a million fails, I could still do this thing.

And I think I’ve talked about How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids will Talk approximately 4,517 times on this blog. It was instrumental helping with communication when my kids were little, and I still think about it today.

There you go, hope that helps with your Mother’s Day gift-giving. Would love to hear other great ideas if anyone wants to share.

Other Gift Ideas for Mothers

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