I just finished such a good book:
…and I have to recommend it. The writing in this thing is out of this world. The words are almost poetic. It’s a pretty beautiful way to write about such an ugly thing: Nazi Germany.

Plus I’m almost done with this one:
Oh man, everyone needs to read this book. Although the writing style isn’t my favorite, what an amazing, true story. I didn’t know a whole lot about Rwanda before and although it’s so sad, I was glad to open my eyes to some of what happened over there.

Another reason to be SO thankful for our freedom and where we live.

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  1. I've read both of those books in the last year. The Book Thief was such an amazing book. I posted about that one on my blog right after I finished it. It left such an impression on me. Left to Tell made me want to learn more about Rwanda. I rented "Hotel Rwanda" after reading the book. I keep hearing about The Hunger Games that was just mentioned. I'm putting that one on hold next.

  2. I read The Book Thief also. I loved how it was narrated by "Death". I heard the book on CD was great because the narrator has such an animated yet distinguished voice and he really makes it very captivating.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Shawni, I too am in need of a few new book ideas. Being a member my whole life and after a recent 2 and a half year "real" conversion I have read nearly 40 plus spiritually uplifting books on the subject I would LOVE to get a list of your top ten, top twenty favorites. Books that really, really moved you!! Please girl, I'm begging for this post.

    By the way I love your book!! thanks again I appreciate that you get it.

  4. I've read both of those this year as well….really great. I thought it was so interesting to read about Nazi germany from a german child's perspective.

    Hunger Games is a MUST read as well.

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