Utah has some pretty good places to eat. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong when there are clusters of good Thai places on practically every corner? (My favorites are Sawadee and one on State Street I can’t remember the name of.)

BUT, if you’re in the mood for a good burger and/OR a great salad, this restaurant is the one to try:(After we finished at TOFW we were starving so decided we better stop and eat on the way back to the airport.)

Not only does this place have delicious burgers, and oh-so-good fries (really the best I’ve had), but it has all these delicious salads too. My fav. was the Caprese Easy. Mmmmm. (For a menu and directions click here.)

Now, you may call me just a titch biased on my recommendation since MY COUSIN and his talented wife started this place, but if you try it I think you will have to agree with me…it is SO good.
This is my cousin and my aunt and my Mom…aren’t they cute? I still can’t believe he’s a restaurant owner. Way to go, Chris!

Then, how could we leave Utah without hitting one more succulent stop? For the next stop on our “progressive dinner” we stopped here:
(I love that my Mom and Aunt are arm-in-arm in this one…I love those two.)

And here we are with my other cousins who started this one. Yes, I’m serious. Two very different restaurants in one go-getter family.
And two more cousins…I am so impressed with these guys. I think of all the work and guts and persistence it would take to start a restaurant and I’m in awe that they have stuck to it and created two such tasty places.

Quite honestly, this is the best pizza I’ve ever had. And I don’t joke around about stuff like that. We got the bruschetta (makes my mouth water to even think about it) and half the “Arella” and half “white” pizza. I wish we’d have had room for dessert, ’cause they looked pretty darn amazing too. (Click here for a menu.)

And how can you go wrong when a light like this is dangling above you? (I love the creation of ambiance when you’re eating out and this place sure has it!)Bottom line: people in Utah are lucky when they’re hungry…and I love my cousins, as well as their delicious food! It was so fun to see you guys!


  1. Just browsing some favorite blogs when I realized that the Thai place you couldn't remember must be Thai Siam. It's on state street and so yummy. P.S. I'm enjoying your blog and your devotion to motherhood.Thank you.

  2. Thanks for posting the greatest eateries in Utah! We're so proud of these kids! They lost their construction business and their dad and just picked themselves up and did this! Hooray for the Carvers!

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