Ok, on to some important things.

I get a myriad of people asking me to put things on this blog to help others in need.  My heart always wants to help but I am so horrible with emails, especially lately, and they get lost in the shuffle.

But I love that social media has the potential to bring people together for a good cause so I wanted to help get the word out for some people who are reaching outside of themselves with all their hearts trying their best to be “good helpers” to other friends in need.

We have a dear friend who just had his third brain surgery because of a tumor that keeps coming back.  He is not recovering well.  He has a wonderful wife and four kids (one of whom has already fought leukemia) who’s hearts are breaking for him.  Friends and neighbors are putting on a huge garage sale this weekend to help with the astronomical costs associated with all his care.  It will be held on February 8th (this Saturday) starting at 7:00am at 3130 E. Park Avenue in Gilbert, AZ.  If you are local and want to donate stuff, they would so appreciate it.  Or if you want to just go shop there on Saturday I’m sure there will be a LOT of great stuff.

Also, people have put together a “Run for Travis” 5K run to help on March 29th.

Here’s all the info. on that:

Breaks my heart.  
All of it.  
And I love them so much, so just had to pass that on.
Love you, Andrea!
Another unrelated family who could use some help is HERE.

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  1. 2 years ago my husband went through a brain surgery for a brain tumor. We are lucky that his is benine but they didn't get the whole tumor. I have a small idea of what this family is going through. My heart and prayers go out to them. I hope that these fundraisers are successful and he had a miraculous recovery.

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