Holy cow, that was a whole heck of a lot of good feedback…my parents better get that book on the shelves pronto. I thank you from them (and me) for all the ideas and suggestions and love sent their way (keep’em coming!). They are good people and I thank my lucky stars every day for them. There is a link on my sidebar that says “Excellent Resources for your Family” that will lead you to more of their great ideas.

I have two other good people I want to send a shout-out:

The first one is my sweet Eva, who my sister met on her mission in Bulgaria. She has sort of become part of our family, and has also become quite a famous photographer. She sees light and beautiful composition in everything around her and then she captures it for others to enjoy. She leaves me in awe each time I see her work. Her website is here, and her family blog is now private, gosh darn it, but she’s the one who took the cool pictures I linked to back at my brother’s New York City wedding way back here (Eva’s photos are the last three in that humongo batch).

Eva’s latest project has been nominated as a finalist in the PX3 International Photography Awards in Paris (I know, pretty awesome). To get the instructions on how to help her win the award, click on her inspiring “Lost In Learning” blog here.

My other dear friend Kelly is doing something different: she’s auditioning to get her own show on Oprah’s new OWN network. Did you know Oprah is holding a reality show contest and the winner gets their own talk show on her cable channel? (I sure didn’t…but then again, I’m not a good person to ask since I don’t watch tv) The five auditions with the highest votes will be considered as finalists for the reality show. The show she wants to do is called “It Takes A Village” which would work to support and enrich mothers. To see her audition and to vote click here.

And then I better not leave without leaving a quick shout out to my sisters too, who are also such good people. They are always posting great things on their blogs here and here and here.

I could go on and on and on, but that’s enough “click here’s” for now, as I’m sure you will agree.
Love, Shawni


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