Randomness from Phnom Penh:2014-09-29 cambodia 127042014-09-29 cambodia 12775
Cambodian roadways are pretty nutty.2014-09-29 cambodia 12705
Here’s a giant truck that decided to stop and do some work in front of us on this one-lane highway.2014-09-29 cambodia 12781
The Russian Market:2014-09-29 cambodia 127872014-09-28 cambodia 125152014-09-29 cambodia 127932014-09-29 cambodia 127952014-09-29 cambodia 128012014-09-29 elle's photos 0022
Our car ride one day when we could only get one van:2014-09-29 iPhone 14434Love those great people.

And I love Cambodian swirly writing.2014-09-29 cambodia 12615
After all that, we packed up and headed to Siem Reap.

ANGKOR WAT awaited. 

And we were all giddy about that.2014-09-30 cambodia 128112014-09-30 cambodia 128162014-09-30 cambodia 12819
We rushed to get a glimpse of the main temple before sunset.  They told us at the hotel we’d never make it.

But they were wrong. 

They underestimated our tenacity 🙂

And that beautiful place greeted us with a giant rainbow stretching over the top of it.2014-09-30 cambodia 12832
Which was purely magical.2014-09-30 cambodia 128252014-09-30 cambodia 128262014-09-30 cambodia 128282014-09-30 elle's photos 0032
They kicked us out pretty darn quick (it was closing), but it was a long way out…enough time to linger and take pictures along the way.

It was the night of Lucy’s birthday eve.2014-09-30 cambodia 12839
We were all pretty excited about that little fact.2014-09-30 cambodia 128402014-09-30 cambodia 128422014-09-30 cambodia 128502014-09-30 cambodia 128512014-09-30 cambodia 128592014-09-30 elle's photos 0039
2014-09-30 elle's photos 00432014-09-30 elle's photos 0044
2014-09-30 elle's photos 0051
That night we found a dinner buffet where we could watch Khmer dancing as we ate.2014-09-30 elle's photos 0056
It was nice but made us miss those sweet orphans who danced so beautifully for us the night before.

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