We are a “family with a pet” no more.

We lost Lilly up in Utah.

We decided she deserved to come spend the month with us up there since she was such a good gal. But she did one of her Houdini stints and escaped. She’s now either making friends with the occasional mice my parents deal with, or she’s enjoyed some of the “special” food my parents have left out for those mice, and is now hanging out in hamster heaven.

I was the only one who missed her at first. I was kinda attached to how much the kids loved her….and the idea that we had a pet. That made me happy.But I’ve come to grips…the absence of all the hamster paraphernalia, and mostly the hamster smell, is something I could get used to.

We’ll see how long it lasts.

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  1. shawni- it was nice to meet and talk with you today! Sorry about your little hamster :(.

    I couldn’t find your email so I’m leaving this in the comments, here is a link to how to make your own Photoshop actions. I bet you could make some great ones! Let me know if you want links to where you can download more “adjustments/actions” for lightroom.

  2. We had two little hamsters at the begining of the summer and now are down to one. Just between you and me…I’m ready to be down to none! I do feel sad for my kids but luckly the “all hamsters go to heaven” talk goes over big in our house!

  3. Sorry about the little guy. It’s always are to lose a pet.

    Now go get a DOG! Your kids will love the dog and the dog will love you. Our Airedale Terrier is the best. And — it’s a proven fact that people who own dogs even live longer.

    Seriously though, get a dog! In fact, call up an Airedale rescue agency and see if they have one already trained.

    Just do it!


  4. Shawni,
    I happened upon your blog a couple of nights ago. It has been so fun to see what a beautiful family you have and what amazing pictures you take! I absolutely love blogs because it allows someone like me, who is terrible at keeping in touch with people, to see how friends are doing. When I saw your sight, it brought back such a flood of great memories from childhood. Glad to see you are doing so well.
    Carol Hammond
    P.S. I am sorry to hear about your hamster.

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