Welp, just like that, my “new neighbor” that came to live by me in the desert for this school year has moved on to the next adventure.

I know that “all good things must come to an end,” but how in the world did that school year pass in a blink?? I’m mourning our loss here in the desert.

The mourning started well before they left, just so sad even thinking about the end on the horizon.

So we did as much as we could to take advantage of having these beauties around while we could.

One night Jo & Aja’s family made home-made pasta and we made the sauce (our favorite).

They are always so good at trying out new things, especially since they run a store in the San Juan Islands in the summertime, and love to add new recipes.

I’ll tell you what, that home made pasta? Incredible.

I’m going to miss this table being filled up with all these people!

Also, we did random things like going to Costco together. Jonah knows the art of the “speed of going slow,” something I’m always trying to learn.

Lucy’s therapy was cancelled near the end of school so she got to go to the temple with this crew again:

It has been so special to have Jo around for stuff like this.

Can you tell from that picture how much she adores her uncle?

They have a pretty special connection that makes me want to tear up. He jokes with her about things she can work on, and makes her feel so special about the things she does well.

And look at those adorable girls. There’s something like living in close proximity that is such a beautiful thing. We see these guys every year at Bear Lake. But there’s nothing like living close to your siblings and their kids. (SO glad we still have Josh here!)

BTW, Aja was working so hard on her daughter’s wedding that she’s not in these last pictures together, but man alive, I love that woman too. So great to have her near and to really be together. Although it just wasn’t enough time!!!

One night late while Dave was out of town we had a kitchen leak.

Like, two streams of water coming through the ceiling in the kitchen.

And of course, Jo was over in a jiffy to check it out for me.

(Turns out the guy who came to do a maintenance check on the the A/C messed something up, dang it!) That’s just how Jo is, he drops everything to help any time, anywhere.

That last week, after Aja had to leave town to get things situated with their next stop (San Juan Islands), and also wedding stuff, Lu and I did as much as we could to help those guys get out the door.

Dave was out of town too, but Lu and I helped clean out their place (left below), and also Lucy “helped” Elsie by heading to a movie together (right below…I just caught them running in).

Ha! I LOVE THOSE GIRLS! I think they have been good for each other this year.

One last dinner and games together:

All the last hugs. (These guys always want to make funny faces for pictures.)

Love you forever Jo and Aja and kids!

We’ll never forget this sacred year we got to have you here in the desert.

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