When I was in school I was not fond of Sunday nights. My stomach would ache with worry and anticipation about the upcoming week…would I remember my homework? Would I get to school on time? Had I forgotten something I was supposed to do for such and such a class? (Remember, I have a knack for being a good worrier.)

Tonight as I sit here surrounded by so many things that have been put on the back-burner the last two weeks I have that same sick-to-my-stomach feeling. I’m not ready for real life to hit again! This whole vacation/Christmas/New Year thing has slipped out of my grasp way too fast.

But man alive, I must say we sure have soaked it in and haven’t let any spare seconds go to waste.

My favorite things:

–being greeted by Claire’s FINALLY toothless grin on Christmas morning. She lost that front tooth that’s been hanging there for weeks right on the morning of the big day. I think she may have been even more excited about that than going down to open the presents.–listening to Lucy retell me over and over again all the little skit things her older siblings showed her on JibJab
–playing “Guess Who” 253 times (at least it seemed like that…we love that game) with the kids (and Dave)
–staying in our pajamas until 4:00 on Christmas
–getting away overnight with just our family
–hosting Dave’s sister and her family with six kids this last week and watching our kids love each other so much
–enjoying the best OJ ever from my in-law’s orange trees…and from the hard work of my son and his cousin:–shopping with my sister-in-laws
–snuggling by the fire (it is freezing here!)
–the spontaneous dance party that busted out at midnight on New Year’s Eve with Dave’s whole family as our house was bursting at the seams with so many people we love (they have got the moves, I tell you)

I must say I’m so excited for a new year…there’s nothing quite like a new beginning to work on new things and start over on old ones.

Too bad one of those new things I get to work on is not eating treats and chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



  1. Oh I'm hearing you but we have our summer holidays here till the end of jan so I'll be busy keeping everyone entertained. I'm just going to miss having an extra pair of hands around the house


  2. About March I always started counting the days until school was out. I love having control over my time and doing thing when, where and how I wanted with the kids. BUT life goes on…same feeling here. Looking forward to a great new year!

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