Even though I feel like Grace has been eight forever (she’s pretty mature in a lot of ways), I still can’t believe my third baby has crossed over the line into the “age of accountability.”

And even though it’s our “off” birthday party year, she had big plans. We had to curtail them a little bit, but we sure fit in a lot of fun.And who wouldn’t have fun with this girl?

She’s just so darn excited about life…
…and presents. Can you tell?

In her prayers the other night she asked that she might get the things she wanted for her birthday, and then proceeded to list them one by one.

That girl knows how to get her point across.I don’t know that she got everything on that list, but she got her beloved CTR ring from her Nana & Papa she could hardly stand waiting for,…and a camera from us.

Oh, and a bunch of candy…which made her pleased as punch.

Speaking of candy, it’s very fitting that this girl’s birthday tradition is to have a pinata (filled with candy, of course). Grace can hear a candy wrapper opening from a mile away.Max was the mastermind behind our first home-made pinata. Then everyone helped paint it up.Grace, of couse, got to be the artist for the happy face.I think the “home-made” thing is now a tradition on top of the already existing tradition. I love traditions.

After swimming the majority of the day, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

And finished off with cake and movie night:

Eight reasons I adore this girl:

1) She exudes excitement about life with her sparkly eyes and huge smile, which makes life fun.
2) She is one heck of a persistent little girl…it’s going to get her places in life (although it may make her parents crazy in the interim).
3) She’s the best sister. Claire idolizes her and loves to play all kinds of imaginary games with her, and Grace teaches Lucy so much.
4) She is an artist. She does such beautiful drawings.
5) She is a great writer. Click here for some samples.
6) Grace is a fiercely loyal friend. She adores her friends and will do anything for them.
7) She has confidence bursting out of her. And because of it she’s not afraid to try new things.
8) She still begs to snuggle.

Oh, and one more…she’s the BEST at being willing to pose for pictures.

…although even she gets sick of it sometimes:
I love you baby.

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  1. I love how excited she is in every picture! I know what you mean about the persistence thing, I think it is a part of this generation for sure. 🙂 Brenna was looking at the pictures with me and says "Happy birthday to Grace!"

  2. WOW This girl has more pizzaz in her little finger than most people have in a lifetime! What a gorgeous, adorable, creative, fun, determined courageous girl she is!

    Now that we've hit American soil, we'll be posting our things we love about Grace too!

    There will be a special thing on the post about London tomorrow too!

    Love that last picture tradition too! Cute pinata Grace!

  3. This post just made me smile. What a fun birthday! You guys know how to do it up right. Grace is the original party girl 🙂 Happy Birthday! Eight is great!

  4. Hi…I found your blog through a friend. I love it! Could you tell me…if you have a minute. How do you size your pics as large as they are and border them too?

    Also, I'm a newby blogger and have four kids (trying to get nicer shots) recommend and a digital slr????


  5. I don't know why but by the last birthday picture of you two kissing the birthday child, I'm totally in tears. I love each one of you sooooo very much!

  6. I hope year eight will be especially great for Grace! Birthday hugs and sunshine wishes for one very smiley cutie patootie girl!

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