Grace turned six this week. Oh my word was she ever excited. The countdown began weeks ago and she could hardly believe her luck when the day finally came…even despite the fact we’re not doing friend b-day parties this year.
The thing she was very most excited about was that she got to get her ears pierced. Every time I got off the phone with anyone…the doctor, someone from church, a neighbor, she’d say in exasperation, “Mom! Why didn’t you tell them I’m getting my ears pierced today??”
Her other very most exciting gift was her new electric toothbrush. Boy oh boy does she love that thing even though in may prevent her from getting more silver teeth in the future (she’s now sporting her first after a root canal last week, and she’s actually really excited about it because the dentist told her she’s now a member of the Pirates of the Caribbean club).

We went bowling for FHE and a pre-birthday celebration the night before where Gracie got a full-on strike! She was so excited about it.

We ate chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with the cousins, ate chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (and oreos on top) again on her b-day, with a little chocolate on the side. Even I am chocolate-ed out…did I mention Grace likes chocolate?? (And I’m embarrassed to be posting this picture of the completely lop-sided cake, but the kids faces were too cute to leave it out.)

To sum up my amazing Gracie I’m going to post a poem I wrote about her a few months ago:

GRACE ANNE (Grace Jam)
Social butterfly
Chocolate lover
(like her mom)
The strongest twinkle inherited from Nana
In those dark eyes
Complimented with two perfect dimples
Placed symmetrically on two chunky cheeks
Her smile brightens everything
With those white, pearly teeth
Recently reduced in number
As her first two bottom ones fell out days apart.
And now she speaks with a little bit of a lisp
Kindergarten is her thing
I go to volunteer, and she’s the star
Pulling at my hand (she is very strong) to show me everything and introduce me to everyone
“This is Kelli, she’s from China, she knows ‘ni hau’, and this is Gwen, she’s a ‘talker’!”
Monkey bar expert
So proud she can even skip bars
And now she’s reading
Sounding out every word she comes across
So proud of her new library card at school
(reserved only for the four kids in class who are reading well)
Looks out for her siblings
Will pick up and carry even Claire
When she’s sad and needs comfort
Drama queen
Rock star
When she sings along, fully animated to her favorite Hillary Duff CD
Gorgeous hair
Natural highlights that gleam in the sun
A fish in the water
As sweet as the candy she adores
“Mom, I just really love you.”
At night, a must, a bedtime kiss for everyone.
Man I love that girl. She brings so much to our family.
Both Grace and Claire have had really bad swimmers ear in both ears so they’ve had to stay out of the pool for the last week…SO tough for them. So Gracie’s officially done with swim team, but here’s one of her last days.

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