So I wrote an update of what Claire’s been up to lately (back HERE), so I figure I should probably write a little update about what each of these other girls of mine are doing before I do my November little things post because otherwise it will take up the whole bandwidth of the Internet 🙂

Lots has been happening around here!
So let’s start with Grace.
Student council keeps this girl busy.

 …and she shines when she’s doing all those student council things. 

They just got their lettermans jackets last month and so that’s kind of fun. 

They are always doing some big decorating project at the school.

Here’s the big “Winter Formal” reveal in preparation:

(And that dance just happened last week…I’ll post pics. soon.)

One of the “spirit week” days:

Grace is a dang good big sister.

These girls sure love her and she is a pretty great “eldest” to have around these days.

She’s also been doing a little photography.  (She’s working on getting a job but her schedule is weird so she’s struggled a little with that.  She figures photography is a good side job for now…and she’s pretty good at it!)

She took Claire’s friends out for a little shoot a few weeks ago to create some beauty…

…even in mid-day when that light can be so harsh…

I think she did a pretty fabulous job. 

And I’m glad she had someone get a pic of her and her assistant too because seriously, they’re pretty picture worthy.

 Lots of trying to figure out winter formal attire…

…right after the harvest dance…man there are a lot of dances lately!

And then a trip to Disneyland for Student Council.

 …on that big bus behind her.

 (They had a big humongous student council convention there for kids from all over.)

Lots of good kids right there.

 A cute date one night:

 Love that she got to hang with her cousin so much over Thanksgiving.

…especially since she wasn’t at the reunion at Bear Lake last summer.

I mean, they did get to hang out when we went up to Utah for Fall Break (back HERE), but they have some lost time to catch up on 🙂  And she has yet to catch up with the other threesome partner Ana who lives in Hawaii…

Somehow they need to figure out a reunion:)

I love, love, love that Grace notices beauty everywhere she goes.

There have been some tremendous sunsets lately and I love that she took these as her tennis lessons wrapped up the other night.

Yowzas that’s some beauty.

Now on to finals and ACT prep and thinking about college. 

I’m doing all I can to hang on to this girl…willing time to slow down.  Sometimes I hate that kids have to grow up.


  1. I'd be curious to know what subjects in school are your girls' favorites and what kind of projects or assignment they're doing that they enjoy. It's probably just because I'm an education student and future teacher, but I'd love to know!

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