Grace had quite a birthday party…all her hard work on making and delivering her own invitations really paid off!

We had our own family party in the morning. Who wouldn’t want to give presents to this shining face?:
Traditional b-day pics:

The much awaited and hoped for birthday pedicures. (She invited Elle to come along too…boy howdy do my girls ever get excited about pedicures!
The pinata:
Serious “webkinz” rake-in. She couldn’t be happier about that!Seven top reasons I adore this girl:
1) She’s got the greatest, most friendly personality. She’s always talking to adults as well as kids.
2) Accompanying that personality she has the greatest, full-on, dimpled smile. It brightens my day.
3) After years of wondering if she would ever learn the value of hard work, she is one of the BEST workers. Not only can she clean a bathroom spick and span, she can cajole Claire into thinking it’s fun and has taught her little sister the value of hard work too. Sometimes she can even talk Claire into cleaning their room all by herself.
4) She can eat me under the table on chocolate chip cookies. She can hear a candy wrapper a mile away. She’s a girl after my own heart on the sugar stuff.
5) She has her Nana’s sparkly eyes.
6) She knows what’s right, and she does it…most of the time.
7) She makes life fun. She’s one spunky gal.

oh..I can’t resist…one more…She tells me very earnestly that I’m the best mom in the world at least once a week. Melts my heart every time.

Love you with all my heart, Gracie!

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