Now seems like as good a time as any to recap this girl’s birthday since I’m missing her so much right now!  
She has been in and out working hard (I’m pretty sure she’s the best folder in the land at Old Navy:) and we’ve been ebbing and flowing with kids in different places but I get to see that glowing seventeen-year-old tomorrow and I can’t wait!
I wrote seventeen of my top things I love about her back HERE, but here’s what we did on the big day:
Traditional breakfast and gifts:

 (She chose ocean pancakes…)

 I stole her away to run some errands and her friends decorated her room all fancy.

We took some birthday pictures to commemorate exactly how she looked that day:

She was gone all afternoon with those friends a few pictures up, but came home for dinner so we could have our favorite chicken tikka masala (which she requested…I think we all request that for birthdays, except Lucy, who would definitely not choose that!)

I took a picture of Lucy’s plate because this is how much of that deliciousness she took when I told her she had to have “a lot or a little.”

Yeah, that’s sure a little!

We had our traditional chocolate chip pound cake:

 And snuggled that girl up.

 Our neighbors came for a visit too…they always do on birthdays, they’re the best.

And then she was off with friends again for the rest of the night.
Sure love that birthday girl of ours.

Love that light that shines from the inside out.  We are the luckiest.
Love you baby. xoxo

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