Last Thursday not only did all five of my children move up in the ranks of schooling, but all seven of these beautiful girls I get to work with in Young Women graduated from high school:
The other leaders and I took them out to a graduation dinner a couple weeks before.As I looked around that table and thought about the unique lights that each of them shine, I thought about how good they all are. I thought about how that light that shines from within each of them will make a difference in the lives of others as they go their own ways to create their own stories.

It made my heart swell up as I envisioned those lights shining from their hearts and how they will set examples for others just as they have for the younger girls here…

…and for us leaders too.

The weekend before high school graduation they graduated from Seminary.
(a couple are missing from this picture.)

It was such a strange feeling because although I’ve only known these girls for a few short months, I have sure grown to love them. My heart kind of turned into a “mother-heart” for them as I thought about them leaving. It made me wonder how tough it will be when my own kids are graduating some day. Did I teach them all that I was supposed to? Did our activities help them in the way that they needed? Maybe we should have done ________ or ______ (fill in the blank, you name it). Do they know how tough some decisions will be as they go out on their own? Will they be able to stand up for what they believe and will their actions help keep their faith growing strong?

I know these girls will do amazing. They have outstanding parents and friends and past leaders who have helped make their lights shine and have filled them to the brim with love and faith and goodness.

How I hope that some day my own children will be that prepared. It made me want to help kindle their spiritual “lights” more than ever to prepare them to shine as these girls’ do. I am so incredibly grateful for extended family and church leaders standing side-by-side with Dave and I to help out.

I’m grateful for these seven girls, and that even in the little snippets of time that they’ve spent with my children they have strengthened their lights, just as I hope my kids will strengthen others when they get older.

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  1. I, too, just have to say how much I love your cute blog! I've been following it for a few months. My mom and I are big fans 🙂

  2. I love you blog and have been on the band wagon for over a year but something is wrong. I can't see any of your photos for the last week! Maybe it's just me but then again maybe not.

  3. Cami, I am having the same problem- but I thought it was just me! I'm having problems with other blogs too though, maybe photobucket is having a problem??

  4. Graduation is hard, I have been YW president for 2.5 yrs and it never gets any easier. My own daughter is one of our 3 graduates this year. I agree with you, these Laurels are the most valiant ones, so strong and bright and determined, I have learned way more from them than they have from me, we lose a little something each year, until the new beehives come in, then it starts all over again. Enjoy it while you can, I think YW is the best calling in the Church.

  5. Cami & Tiffany, I'm sorry you can't see the photos! I hope whatever issue that is will remedy itself soon. The pictures seem to be fine from here…

  6. My daughter Megan ( has a link to your blog and recommended it to me – oh my goodness! You are making me cry, after reading just two or three of your posts! What an example you are to me. Thank you (and Megan, too)!

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