“To give someone a piece of your heart, is worth more than all the wealth in the world.”

(That was a quote from my all-time favorite hero, Michael Jackson.  HA!)

But honestly, it is a really, really good quote, don’t you think?  Anyone who has given from their heart knows how amazing that feels.

I feel like I left a million pieces of my heart in India back here and here.

And in Africa.  And at my neighbor’s who is struggling with cancer.  And with the bone marrow donor who came through to help my sweet cousin’s daughter.  We all leave little portions of our hearts as we reach to help the “feeble knees.”  And we get a piece of others’ hearts when we are the “feeble knees.”

The interesting thing about giving a piece of your heart is that you don’t lose that part.  It comes back bigger and stronger than ever once you leave it behind.

The kids and I were talking the other day about how people’s faces look when they serve others.

Unanimously everyone agreed that people generally glisten when they are looking out for others.

It’s interesting, Claire has been a little gloomy lately and I haven’t been able to nail down the reason why.

On one of those particularly gloomy days I reminded here about the home in our neighborhood they have turned into a care facility for elderly people (I talked a lot about it back HERE).  I suggested she grab a friend and run over and visit those people who may be lonely.

She did, and the transformation in her whole attitude was incredibly different when she got home.

She was literally glowing…sparkling with happiness.  She couldn’t stop talking about each of the people there and what they said and what they did and how they reacted to a couple nine-year-olds who would care enough to come see them.

Yep, that’s what a little service will do to you.

I love envisioning those sweet people who live there…I bet their faces were a little happier that day too.

Giving or receiving little pieces of pure love from the heart, either way, the gift of giving is truly a gift on both ends.

I wish I could capture the glowing in Dave and my hearts the day I posted THIS information about the I Love Lucy project and so many donations and sweet notes came rolling in.  Just from that day alone the the donations totaled $1,205 which translates to $2,410 since Dave and I are doubling it.  That’s $2,410 fighting for kids with BBS all over the world.  Honestly, I can’t even express my gratitude for that. I wish I could write each and every one of those gracious donators a very special note of personal appreciation, but for now I’ll let Lucy do it:

Please feel our love and deep gratitude coming over cyberspace.

Of course, we still have a long way to go to get to the $15,000 mark, but we have a bunch of ideas to keep that great momentum going.

First, is the Turkey Trot coming up TOMORROW!

(That’s just a screen shot…click HERE for the real link with all the info. you need to know to join us in the morning.)

We’d LOVE to see you there!

Half of the proceeds go straight to the I Love Lucy fund, and the other half benefit another wonderful charity called Brain Food.

Second, back in my post about the I Love Lucy Project needing help (here), I got a few very kind offers from people who want to help.  A few kind souls want to donate proceeds from the things they do online to the I Love Lucy fund for a limited amount of time.  Since it is a perfect time of year for a little shopping with Christmas around the corner, I thought I would make a list of everyone wanting to participate and donate here on the blog THIS COMING MONDAY (when everyone seems to be getting in gear for shopping and may need some good ideas).   

This can be a win-win because we can help create some exposure to your business and in turn you can help BBS kids fight.  Please let me know if you are interested in doing something similar in an email to sepphotography at gmail dot com by Monday.  Please include a link to what you are selling and the percentage of proceeds you will be willing to put towards the I Love Lucy project.

Third, the “donate” button on the I Love Lucy Project blog will always be open for more donations should you wish to make one.  Every bit makes a difference.  The donate button is on this page HERE (complete with more explanation of what the funds will go toward).

Thank you in advance for all those willing to help so much.  I believe we can reach that $15,000 by Christmas, and give BBS kids the best Christmas gift ever: the chance for cures and research that will change their lives.

Once again, oh how grateful I am for those opportunities we have in life for giving.  And how amazing it feels to be on the other side and to be benefitting from all the gracious, generous hearts out there who are now no-doubt glowing with happiness because they gave a piece of their heart away to kids who need help.

Thank you, we love you!  And Happy Thanksgiving!

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