I honestly and truthfully cannot believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

I have meant to be all holly and jolly about it and write grand lists of all the things I’m thankful for because Thanksgiving deserves some serious honor. I mean, seriously, there’s nothing like having an opportunity to sit back and soak in all that we have to be grateful for. But I figure in all reality this whole blog is a giant list of so many things I’m grateful for.

But still, I just have to pause a moment in the business of Thanksgiving preparations and post some of the little (and big) things I’m so grateful for right now:

Lucy’s prayers. And how when she says something extra adorable in them the rest of us can hardly help peeking just a titch to let our eyes quickly twinkle in amusement at each other.

That Max still tells me he loves me at the end of a phone call even when surrounded by his friends.

How Dave puts up with the fact that I feel I have to do everything on my goal chart right now, and how he gently calms me and reminds me we have a long life ahead of us.

The way Claire curls her bony body into my side during scriptures.

How everything Grace does has a little bit of spunk in it. And how on-top-of-it she is on school work.

I’m grateful that Claire is a pro at putting Lucy to bed and reading her stories and that Lucy would choose her above any of the rest of us to tuck her in.

Long-late-night talks with Dave and how he “gets” me.

My bed.

Our neighborhood community and schools filled with people we love.

That I sometimes get to sneak kids out of school for a little bit and have them to myself…Elle’s waiting for me to run on a little date with her right now….

The feeling of new-ness and renewal I get when I get to travel to a new place…and that I get to do it as often as I do.

Our home and the feeling of family (love and chaos and beauty all mixed together) that fills the air here. And how it feels to come home from a trip.

Our parents and ancestors who sacrificed so much for us…and for their examples that change our lives.

But most of all, I’m grateful for a loving God who will never withhold second chances.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! hope you have a lovely day.. we will await the post about it!

    Quick question, i LOVE the idea of sneaking your kids out of school for a date.. can u tell me do you just take them out for a morning or afternoon, or a long lunch, or how do you work it? LOVE the idea!

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