Ok, I am really starting my gratitude posts as of today.

Because it’s already November 12th for crying out loud!  How did that happen?
I’m grateful for my computer.  It’s getting fixed and there’s nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder.  Oh boy that was a good investment.  So grateful for how my brother set it up for me and how he helps me keep it organized.  

That brings me to my brother.  So grateful he lives close and that we get to hang with him as much as we do.  That my kids think we can’t do anything big or exciting without him.  How he will drop anything to help us any time and how everyone gets so excited when he walks in the door.
I’m so grateful for a body that works.  I’m extra aware of that today since I can hardly walk from a squat workout I did on Tuesday. 
I’m grateful for puffy coats and for our fire.  It got down to the 40s this week so it feels extra good to snuggle up.  (Yes we are very wimpy here in the desert.)

I’m so grateful for Palmolive.  I know that’s weird but my Grandma always used that green Palmolive and so now I always buy it and the smell reminds me of her.  We’re out of it right now and I miss how clean and sparkly it makes my sink and dishes.
I’m grateful for the Turkey Trot and all the people who are putting in countless hours to get ready for that baby in a couple weeks.  So grateful for such a great way to raise money for BBS families and for how fun it is to gather together on Thanksgiving morning for a good cause.
And I’m so grateful we are here this year so we can help in the same time zone instead of being thirteen hours ahead like we were last year.
But today the thing I’m grateful for that we actually have pictures of is our traditional Thankful Tree.  I love gathering together and creating something.  This year it required a little FHE trip to Target to get the supplies and then some work figuring out how to do it in our new house.  (We weren’t here last year but improvised in China back HERE.)  
We decided to go big.
These faces show how seriously we took our little project:


…and the Desitin is sitting there in the middle of our foliage creation just to keep it real 🙂

Here’s how it looked just the tree part:

Let’s go ahead and pretend like it doesn’t look like these were taken in a wavy mirror…not sure what’s up with these weird angles.

Claire was the “tree model.”

As usual, we couldn’t stop on our first-night gratitude.

We’ll be adding leaves to that baby each day until Thanksgiving.

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