Our good old Thankful Tree is holding strong stretching across our kitchen once again.

It sat with only a few leaves for a couple days, and then Lucy decided to get busy with those leaves!

We worked our little hearts out thinking of all the many things we are SO GRATEFUL for one night when everyone else was off galavanting around town.

And we got a good start on the “thankful-fullness” of that tree.

(Bo is also thankful for that tree and has been fussing with the “roots” ripping that part off a couple times…I’m pretty sure that’s her way of getting involved in the tradition.)
Max and Abby were here this last weekend (hooray!) for a friend’s wedding and they were totally going to help expand on those leaves but their visit was so dang quick we’ll have to just be THANKFUL with the fact that we at least got a picture as Max was on his way out the door.  

(Better add that on a leaf…)

Grace got busy picking up the slack šŸ™‚

Some close-ups for posterity:

 (Hi, Great, Great Grandkids!)

 (Wellesley College is what Lucy calls Elle…but of course, we’re grateful for the actual Wellesley College as well…)

I love this time of year and thinking of all those big and little things that make life so beautiful.

Love, love, love it.

And you know what I love even more?  When kids take those roots of gratitude and expand them to wherever they are.  Elle sent this pic to our group family text a couple days ago:

 …from her fridge over in Hawaii. 


Thanksgiving and traditions are the best.

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK!  Yikes and happiness all mixed in together.


  1. We are doing our own thankful tree this year. It has been fun to see all of the things my kids are thankful for, as well as eye-opening to me to really see just how many things we do have to be grateful for.

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