I know Christmas is in full-swing.

I know there are people around who have it all wrapped up under their trees.  
But I’m still stuck on gratitude and Thanksgiving for a few more days.  Because there is so dang much to be grateful for.  It just doesn’t seem right to leave my November posts without a full post of gratitude for Dave’s family.  Because I’m telling you, I married into some pretty great people who create a support system like no other.  Thanksgiving week was chock-full of family togetherness.  And that togetherness was filled with them all lifting us up at the Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving dinner and as Max went through the temple for the first time.
Dave’s little sister Julie was in town, and when her family comes to town life turns into a giant party.  Usually I get a picture of all of our combined eleven kids lined up together when she stays with us, but all I got this time around was their support at one of Claire’s last soccer games:

…and some extra cousins who came over to hang with the crowd one of the days:

Not pictured are all the games that were played, Thai food night, tennis, and swimming.  We had a good time.

Oh, I did get one picture of our sister’s lunch…all dave’s cute sisters, in-laws and mother along with a giant lumberjack below down there on the left…


All the fun and games and togetherness were wonderful, but can I just take a moment to say how much I adore each of these families who came to our rescue to help so much that whole week?

Dave’s little sister Julie dragged her whole family down for the week and glued us all together even more than usual (as she usually does…and the word “dragged” isn’t literal because I think they sure like to be in town:)

His brother Paul got the whole Thankful Wall thing into production…

And his brother-in-law Dan was the whole mastermind behind the whole thing:

His sister Laurel and their family balanced out having Ryan’s family in town at the same time and were there to support everything in the midst of all that family.

His sister Christy helped organize the chaos and her husband along with Paul helped so much with the Freedom sponsorship:

Plus they figured out how to get their sister down to the desert even after her car broke down en route and she didn’t think she would make it.  So glad she got here in time for the temple:

Our sister-in-law Kara was behind the scenes in so much but most notably all the logos involved and all the t-shirt designs.  
She did the actual Turkey Trot one too.
She is one talented lady I tell you.
And then let’s just take a quick look at his awesome parents:
I mean really, just looking at them you can see the goodness.
Not enough words to express, but I’m just so very grateful for this support group.

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  1. Wow, I'm so glad to see all these families one at a time. Maybe the next time I see them I can identify a few of their kids, even when they aren't standing by their parents! We are so blessed to be almost related to this astonishing family!

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