Last week was a week I wished I could multiply myself over and over again, and “be there” for so many.

It seems that there are so many moving pieces in our family.

So many moving pieces in our church congregation (where I serve in the Relief Society).

So many people I wanted to lift and encourage, especially my college daughters who were doing the work of situating themselves in a new semester.

I was feeling particularly stretched and overwhelmed one evening, when this picture popped up on my phone from Dave:

(He had gone up to be there for a couple of Claire’s games).

And you know when some things just really hit you?

Like, you’re already feeling a little emotional and then BAM! You are in tears?

This was one of those times.

Because look at that support for my girl I couldn’t be there for!

All those smiles filled up with love.

Makes me tear up again to even write this down right now.

I am just so grateful for the “villages” of people, whether they are mine, or yours, or that stranger down the street who needs a little pick-me-up.

I don’t think we can know the power of “showing up” for someone like those people did for Claire that day.

(Maybe even more-so for her mother:)

They “showed up” for Grace too:

Makes me think of other “villages”…like this brother of mine who takes the kids to the temple each Wednesday…

(…and who is working hard on his selfie-game as you can see in his face, ha!)

Here’s the whole temple:

The “village” of love Lucy feels at church each week and when she randomly shows up to a younger Young Women’s group because hers wasn’t happening last week:

Encircling her in with all their love.

Feeling SO much gratitude for the “village” of helpers she has at school too as her work has become increasingly more and more difficult to see.

That they would take time out to make her work so much bigger, that they would work just with her on her assistive technology, just her in the midst of their busy days, to figure out how to help her progress.

Love that this “village” came over to play games with us over the long weekend:

Look at how happy that girl is.

Also, there’s a family in our ward (church congregation) facing some pretty hefty challenges right now, so someone had an idea to make up a “Sunshine Basket” to help them feel the love of so many who were wanting to help. Within hours they had so many donations it was mind-blowing. These women put all the donations together and made it all so beautiful:

How sweet is that?

Yes, there is so much power in a village.

I love that as I was thinking about all this, someone sent me this post:

And it was filled up with all that village business as well.

So grateful for these villages and so many more.

We need each other! People need to know they matter.

I don’t think the power of human connection has ever been more important.

So let’s go be part of someone’s village today. Whether it’s sending a nice text message or dropping off a little something at a doorstep of someone we have been thinking of. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Sending lots of love out on this Tuesday!


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