It’s a pretty day here in the desert.  
I’m so grateful for winter here.  I’m in love with the slanted light and the slight crispness in the air.
I’m so grateful that Elle and Grace wear the same size shoes I do.  I know, another weird thankful thing and I don’t know why I like it, especially since they take some of my shoes and thrash them.  But for some reason somehow maybe that makes me happy as they are becoming my peers in so many ways. 
And they are fun peers.
On that note, I love that I am the mother of girls.  Lots and lots of girls.  I love hanging with them and doing their hair in the mornings.  I love that they like photography with me.  I love that they like each other (most of the time).  I like looking around at their sweet faces at dinnertime.  
I’m grateful for prayer.  I’m grateful that when I let it, it helps me have a clear mind.  I love that I can come to it when I’m struggling with mothering or life or direction and if I’m still I can feel little nudges and help when in need.
I’m grateful for goals.  Even goals that I’m failing miserably at like keeping up on our scripture reading right now. Oh boy, gotta revamp that one.  I’m grateful for second chances.
And I’m grateful for the Turkey Trot coming up.  I mentioned that yesterday but neglected to attach the info.  
SO here you go:

I think early-bird registration ends on Sunday night.  So go HERE and register if you can join us on Thanksgiving!

It’s gonna be a good day.


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