The great Uncle Tal left yesterday to drive across the country to his new stomping grounds of NYC. We got to have lunch with him and help him pack his new car to the ceiling with all kinds of Maxis tools and everything else he could stuff in. We are now the proud owners of random “treasures” he passed on like a few Price Pfister faux leather binders with calculators attached to them (wow do Elle and Grace love those babies), an “I love NYC” t-shirt (Elle’s new PJs), and his actual Cougar b-ball jersey (much to Max’s delight). Man we are sad to see Tal go. He has been such a huge support here. Among other things, we could always count on him to:
1) jump at the chance to come help with the kids,
2) box us out of any dish-doing when he’s here…he takes that job very seriously,
3) fix and upgrade all our faucets,
4) tell the kids fabulous bedtime stories,
5) eat up the leftovers in the fridge,
6) bring us souveniers from his world travels,
7) fill us in on any great self-help books, especially Stephen Covey,
8) introduce us to many great girls,
9) astound us with his extensive vocabulary and spiritual creation ideas, and
10) “snug” the kids into bed at night.

I’m so excited for this new adventure in store for him…it’s definitely the right move, but he’s sure leaving us with a big empty spot in our hearts. We love you Tal.

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  1. what a great feller that tal is. thanks fro writing this up shaser. you are the most great-full girl there was. you make it sound like it was a one way street but you each helped out one another so much that is sweet.

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