Any greatness my children may some day attain is surely due to their grandparents (on both sides).

Sometimes I sit and wonder if my kids will ever realize how extremely blessed they are to have that…two sets of adoring grandparents who would do anything in the world for them.

My parents have the grand kids broken down into “groups” according to their ages.

When kids reach five, they get to start going to “Grammie Camp” each summer at Bear Lake. They learn about ancestors, learn to work hard pulling weeds, learn about art (and usually do an art project), make cookies, and get the undivided attention of my mother overnight.

Here’s the younger group during their sleepover:Here they are (above) displaying some of the art work they did this year. Don’t they look super excited about it? They really are though. They eat the art stuff up.

Also, when the youngest in the “group” turns five they get to make “treasure chests” with Grandfather. He did this with my siblings and I when we were young too, and I kept all my teeth the tooth fairy let me keep in there. Claire was in Heaven this last summer when she got to make hers, complete with her own combination lock to keep stuff safe.

At age 8 they get a special allotted amount of money to figure out how to donate to the charity of their choice to help cultivate a love of giving.

When the youngest in the “group” turns ten they get to go on a motor home trip together. Last year “Group 1” got to go…to Jackson Hole, and they had the time of their lives.

This last summer the older kids got let in on “Grandfather’s Secrets.” I can’t tell you what they are or I’d break my vow of secrecy, but they are good…stuff like how important it is to be a leader, and how Heavenly Father will always be there for them when they need Him. (I’m so thankful for others who help instill good things in my childrens’ minds…especially someone they adore as much as their Grandfather.)

When the youngest in the group turns twelve I think they are planning to take them on an expedition…some serious type of service project.
They are always teaching and interacting with these kids, any chance they get. And I’m SO thankful for that.

Then there’s Dave’s parents.

With all the grandkids they have (34?) and with living out of town they are so amazing at really being there for our kids when they are here. They never forget a birthday even with all those grandkids. “Nana’s Sleepovers” are cherished each year as well as serious football and swimming in their back yard. We live a ways away from the other local cousins and they seem to always come out during their visits and pick up our kids so they can be part of everything. It means so much to me (and to the kids). Last visit they came and took us all to get frozen yogurt for Family Home Evening:

And Max’s Papa came and took him golfing twice amidst all the other stuff they had going on. Needless to say, Max felt pretty lucky. Yes, despite all the mistakes Dave and I make in our parenting, these guys sure do pick up the slack.

And for that, we can’t thank them enough.

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  1. that is AMAZING!!!! seriously, I wish all grandparents could do this type of stuff!!!! that is seriously unbelievable and so not the norm! you are soooooo BLESSED! this stuff could only come from one place, GOD! you guys sure are a GREAT example of love, peace, joy, service, devotion, loyalty! I am in AWE! tell those grandparents I wish they were MINE!!!!!

  2. Hi!

    Love your blog…I read it all the time! Your family astounds me 🙂

    I was wondering (and this is a funny post to put this comment, I know) that one of your old family photos is up on a website called Awkward Family Photos? I came across it totally randomly and couldn't believe it. Here is the link:

    I don't think it's awkward…I actually love it! But anyway just thought you'd want to know, if you didn't already!


  3. wowee!

    and I'm still getting over 34 grandkids! my guys are part of their grandma's 18 and I thought that was pretty impressive but 34 takes the cake!


  4. Count yourself very, very lucky because a lot of people do not have the most amazing grandparents for their kids like you do. Your parents are awesome and I hope to be like them!

  5. Yes, Sara, we know about the awkward family photos. Pretty funny. And I do agree with those readers that that is one heck of a cheesy picture!! But we like it anyway.

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